Friends & Family Sale


Stock up on your favorites during our weekend Friends & Family MEGA Sale!

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These codes have been extended through today October 3rd.


10 promotional codes:

  • 20% off all single and carrier oils (Code: OIL)

  • 25% off all blends (Code: BLENDS)

  • 15% off all toothpaste and mouthwash (Code: TOOTH)

  • Buy Cardamom get Camphor free (Code: CAMPHOR)

  • Buy REJUVENATE, get Facial Spray (Code: SPRAY)

  • Buy GROOM, get TAME (Code: TAME)

  • Take $20 off 3 part Hair System (Code: HAIR)

  • Buy a set of Shampoo and Conditioner and get an organic bar soap free (Code:FRESH)

  • Buy EMPOWER and get Clary Sage (Code: SAGE)

  • Buy SUTURE Ointment, get Lavender Ointment (Code:LAV)


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