Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions about our high quality 100% pure essential oils.  Please feel free to browse this section and if your question still isn't answered, please contact us and allow us to help you get your questions answered.

General Questions

Our oils are 100% pure and we do not use chemicals or dilute our oils in any way.  They are 100% pure natural goodness from only the single raw plant or seed that we have sourced.  We source our raw plants and seeds from about 30 different farms depending on known locations around the world for producing the highest quality raw materials for the particular oil. For example, our Bergamot comes from Italy, our Clary Sage from Russia, and our Tea Tree from Australia. We only source our raw plants and seeds from those farms that we personally visit and audit on a regular basis to ensure we receive pesticide free, organic, non-GMO materials.  In addition to our sourcing and commitment to proper distilling temperatures and times, we GC/MS test every batch to ensure the quality of our oil is 100% pure unadulterated oil. If we miss the standard then we dump the batch. If we meet the mark then we proceed to bottling and upload the tests to our product pages so our customers can see exactly what they're getting in every bottle and from which batch it was derived. 


You can visit our free Jade Bloom University that will give you a plethora of information about our company, products we sell. & essential oil education Not just that, but you'll receive $32.00 to spend at Jade Bloom once you go through all of the courses! 


We stand by our products. By this, we mean we have a double money back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with a product, just let us know and not only will we issue you a refund, but we will pay your return shipping costs as well. 


Here at Jade Bloom, we pride ourselves on prompt, efficient and ethical customer service. We are confident that throughout all of your dealings with us, you will find this to be the case. 


Yes, we do! We ship internationally for a fee, and Canada and Mexico orders get free shipping if their total meets or exceeds $100.00.



We see this many times with USPS where they mark a package as delivered, but instead, plan on delivering in the following few days. Some postal workers do this to stay within their delivery window, which is an unethical practice, but it does happen from time to time. This is why it's vital that if a package says delivered, that the tracking # be reported to your local post office so that they can be alerted to the fact that either the postal worker failed to deliver the package, or that theft is occurring in your area, which will alert local postal workers to be more vigilant in where they drop off packages. 


Jade Bloom will always work with you until your package is in hand. Your tracking # is the number you will need to research with USPS as to why they said your package was delivered if it was not. In the past under circumstances such as these, it's also important to note that sometimes the package was delivered to a neighbor's address by mistake, or there was some other error on the part of the postal worker. 


Once you have utilized this tracking number and obtained more information on the whereabouts of your package, please let us know if USPS is unable to locate your package and we will assist you on how to proceed from there. For security reasons, USPS typically does not give out specific information on the whereabouts of a package to anyone other than who is listed as the recipient.

In the event that you have made the personal decision to ingest essential oils, it's important to use 100% pure oils. So yes, you can ingest some Jade Bloom Oils, but as they are 100% pure, they are extremely potent. Below is a video regarding the topic of ingestion that embodies the Jade Bloom stance on ingesting essential oils:


Watch on YouTube

Thank you for reaching out to us about this. I'd be happy to assist you. 


First, be sure to add [email protected] to your safe sender list on your email client.  Should this not resolve the issue you may need to contact your email service provider directly.  Sometimes certain email carriers (particularly Hotmail) are known to filter emails before they ever reach your email application.  Please notify your email provider and ask them to add our email address and our IP address to their white list.


Below is our IP address from our email server

We offer free USPS shipping on all orders over $35 (after any discounts or loyalty points have been applied). Shipping is only $4.85 for orders below $35. After your order is placed, it typically takes 3-5 business days to process through our warehouse. Once your order has processed and shipped, it should arrive to you within another 3-5 business days.

Yes, we only source organic raw materials for our essential oils and natural products. We do require that the farms we purchase from only produce organic, pesticide free, and non-GMO raw plants and seeds for our distillery.  This is part of our commitment to producing the highest quality oils available in the world.   

This is a great question and we actually address your very question on our "Double Guarantee" page of our website.  "How can we possibly sell the highest grade oils at the lowest prices?  Well, it hasn't been easy getting where we're at, but we are passionate about our cause and have had a whole lot fun in the process.  Consider the following.....

  1. We are not an MLM company and don't have to pay 40 people in a downline every time we sell a bottle of oil like Doterra, Young Living, and many others.

  2. We cut out the middle man.

  3. Our company was built from the ground up as a high volume and low margin model.  As such, we have extremely low overhead and always proceed with wisdom and caution before adding new fixed costs to our operation.

  4. Our founders bring decades of not just experience from the technical & raw plants/seeds industry, but most of the infrastructure and resources in technology and supply chain management was already in place by bringing the right people together.

Read more about our "Double Guarantee" here: https://jadebloom.com/index.php/guarantee.html

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Our company is not a multi-level marketing company nor do we require a membership to purchase our oils.  We sell direct to our customers via our website and there are no requirements on the number of oils our customers must buy.  We believe our oils speak for themselves and the reason our customers return and tell their friends is not because of volume requirements, making money, or maintaining a membership, but because we are simply a source for the highest quality oils available on the market for the lowest prices.  Oh yeah, and because our customer service ROCKS!!!

Product Questions

Here is a list of blends we currently offer and that therapeutically compare to Young Living blends: 

PROTECT compares to Thieves

RELIEF compares to Breathe Again

UNWIND compares to Stress Away

WELL-BEING compares to Valor

BOOST compares to En-R-Gee

SOOTHE compares to PanAway

DELIGHT compares to Joy

CITRUS compares to Citrus Fresh

TRIM compares to Slique

DIGEST compares to Digize

CLEANSE compares to Purification

ALLEVIATE compares to M-Grain

EMPOWER compares to Progessence Plus

Yes, we do! Many of our customers are either former or current doTERRA users and they enjoy the same purity for up to 75% less with Jade Bloom! Here is a list of blends we currently offer and how they therapeutically compare to Doterra blends:


PROTECT compares to On Guard

RELIEF compares to Breathe

UNWIND compares to Serenity

WELL-BEING compares to Balance

SOOTHE compares to Deep Blue

DELIGHT compares to Elevation

CITRUS compares to Citrus Bliss

TRIM compares to Slim & Sassy

DIGEST compares to Digest Zen

CLEANSE compares to Purity

ALLEVIATE compares to Past Tense

ENTICE compares to Whisper

REJUVENATE compares to Immortelle

The difference between Frankincense Carterii and Frankincense Serrata is the origin from which they are sourced and the species of tree used.  As for their healing properties, they are very similar. The Carterii is slightly more viscous, and because it is distilled in a different way and helps with emotional traumas- it is more expensive to make, thus making it more expensive to purchase. 


This variety is used more for internal applications whereas Frankincense Serrata is great for arthritis, inflammation, focus and various skin ailments such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Both varieties of Frankincense are 100% pure and the highest quality available.  Carterii is more costly due to the larger amount of resin required to produce the same amount of oil as Serrata through the steam distillation process. The species of tree that produces Frankincense sacra resin differs from the species of tree that produces Frankincenses carterii resin. 

However, Boswellia sacra are related to Boswellia carteri in that they both belong to the Burseraceae plant family, and subsequently share similar characteristics. Boswellia sacra is also a smaller tree but with yellow-white flowers. Boswellia sacra are indigenous to Oman, Yemen, and Somalia. 


Boswellia Sacra softens skin and is perfect for dry skin caused by dry climates. This variety of frankincense is also an amazing tool to use during meditative practices as it creates a calm, peaceful environment when diffused. Frankincense sacra essential oil is antimicrobial, an astringent and expectorant, as well as a diuretic with analgesic properties. 

Roman Chamomile has a light, fresh fragrance, and German Chamomile smells more like sweet straw.

Medicinally, both varieties are used for calming and soothing skin, inflammation, fevers, and the nervous and digestive systems, as well as inducing perspiration to flush out toxins, allergens and infections. Both are pain relieving, antibiotic, anti-bacterial, and sedative. It’s in their chemical properties that we begin to see where they differ.

German Chamomile

  1. Contains chamazulene, giving the oil its deep blue color, and anti-inflammatory and infection-fighting properties.

  2. Maintains normal skin; calms dry, irritated or flaky skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis; promotes healing and regeneration of damaged skin tissue.

  3. Stimulates the liver, kidneys and gallbladder to improve digestion, remove toxins and infections.

  4. Calms mind and body for menstrual and menopausal problems, including PMS.


Roman Chamomile

  1. Contains high level of esters, has a yellow-pale blue color, and is anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal and highly calming.

  2. Provides restful sleep, relief from sore muscles, arthritis, headaches, and migraines.

  3. Effective at calming irritation, rage, mood swings. For children, it’s useful for teething, colic, and temper tantrums.


Navigating JadeBloom.com

To redeem your points, you'll want to add everything you'd like to order to your cart and then proceed to checkout as normal. Points can be applied on the Payment Method portion of checkout or on the cart page. On the right-hand side of the page, below the order total, you’ll see a section that allows you to apply your points to your order.

To redeem a coupon code follow these steps:


  1. Before you begin checkout, go to the cart page located at: https://jadebloom.com/index.php/checkout/cart/

  2. Below the cart contents you'll see a field for coupon codes.  Enter the code and click "Apply Coupon"

We have prepared a short gif to demonstrates how to apply coupons on our website: Watch it here.


If you are applying multiple codes at once, you will apply them in the coupon code box like so: 


Separated by spaces and commas.


To request a return, go to your Account Dashboard on your Jade Bloom account and Click My Returns. There, you can “Create a New Return”. Should you need further assistance with this, below are step by step instructions. You can also watch this video tutorial.


  1. Log in to your Jade Bloom account. 

  2. Go to your Account Dashboard by scrolling down to the very bottom of the website and clicking “My Account”. 

  3. Click "My Returns" 

  4. Click "Create New Return" 

  5. A window will show up with all of your orders eligible for returns. This will then expand all the items in that order. Scroll up and select “Next”. 

  6. Then use the drop down menu at the top of the screen to select the resolution that works best for you (Refund, Replacement)

  7. Then use the second drop down menu at the top of the screen to select the state the item is in (Opened, Unopened, Damaged)

  8. Then scroll down and select the item you'd like to return, how many (if you purchased multiple) and use the drop down menu provided to select the reason you're returning the item. (Wrong Size, Wrong Color, Don't Like, I've Changed my Mind, or Item Broken)

  9. In the message box provided, please provide any additional information regarding the return. 

  10. Then click Submit Request. 

Your return will either be approved and a prepaid return shipping label will be emailed to you so that you can send the item back to us. Your desired resolution will be implemented once your return arrives. 

In some cases, the return shipping label will not be approved and a follow up email will be sent by our support team with a proposed resolution that may not require you to send the item back. 

Placing orders on our website www.JadeBloom.com is simple.  Here is how it works:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Browse our products from the menu at the top and click the "Add To Cart" button on the products you want to purchase

  3. When you are ready to checkout click the icon of the shopping cart at the top of the page

  4. On the cart page, you can review your order, add a coupon code if available, and redeem loyalty points

  5. When you're ready, you can click "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your order

Here is how you receive and redeem points from the Jade Bloom University.  There are a total of 8000 points available through these courses.


- Complete the Associates Degree, receive 500 points

- Complete the Bachelors Degree, receive 1000 points 

- Complete the Masters Degree, receive 2000 points

- Complete the Doctorates Degree, receive 4000 points. 

OPTIONAL: Complete the Referrals portion and receive 500 additional points.


Every 250 loyalty points equal $1.00 of spending at JadeBloom.com. If you complete all of the courses you’ll receive $32.00 in loyalty points.We do not automatically send you bottles that we choose rather, we let you choose which oils or natural products you’d like. Here is how to apply the points you've received:


To redeem your points, you'll want to add everything you'd like to order to your cart and then proceed to checkout as normal. Points can be applied on the Payment Method portion of checkout or on the cart page. On the right-hand side of the page, below the order total, you’ll see a section that allows you to apply your points to your order.



Policies & Procedure Questions

We offer some samples for purchase on product listings where applicable. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on our social platforms so you always know when we are offering free products or giveaways. If you are local to Jade Bloom, stop in our store to experience the testers we have available for all of our products. While we do not offer free samples, we want everyone to have a chance to try our products for free. For this reason, we came out with Jade Bloom University. When you complete all of the courses (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate), you'll have received $32.00 worth of points to spend on anything at Jadebloom.com. This way, you get to choose which products you try for free. Click here to enroll in our free Jade Bloom University.

If our system flags your orders as duplicates, you will receive an email requesting clarity and for us to assist with any adjustments that may need to be made. If we do not receive an email response, chat or call regarding your orders, we will get these shipped out to you within 3 days of order receipt so as not to delay the order delivery. 


Yes, the max points that can be earned per day for social media shares is 100 points. The max points that can be earned per month for social media shares is 500 points. This is a total figure across all platforms, not a maximum per platform. 

The Certificate of Analysis is essentially the oils' tech specs-- It indicates the appearance of the oil, it's color, and certifies that the GCMS conducted indicated the oil confirms to 100% pure standard. It's not going to show it's distillation/bottling date. For exact bottling dates, you can contact us directly. For exact distillation dates when trying to determine shelf life, the following is helpful:

The date at the top of the GCMS report is the date the test was conducted. The tests are conducted within days of the distillation. 

Different batches of the same essential oil are prone to variances. Some factors that correlate with differing characteristics of an oil from batch to batch would be the time of year in which the raw materials for the oil were sourced, as well as the types of weather changes the crop endures during its lifecycle. The types of characteristic variances one can expect would be aroma changes as well as hue changes. While the GCMS for each corresponding batch can be referred to in regards to purity, should you be concerned about any oil you currently have compared to previous batches you’ve had, we’re happy to refund what was paid for it so that the oil can be purchased again once a new batch arrives at our facility.

Short Answer: We perform GC/MS testing on every batch of oil before it is bottled to ensure it is 100% pure unadulterated oil.

Long Answer: As part of our commitment to our customers, we take ownership over the entire process of producing 100% pure natural essential oils.  Once we have a final batch of oil each batch is tested using the best standards in GC/MS testing to ensure what we have actually produced is 100% pure unadulterated oil.  If the batch doesn't meet the standard then we dispose of the batch and start again.  If we meet the standard for producing the highest quality oil possible based on our tests, then we will proceed with bottling.  We publish these test results to our online product pages so our customers can see exactly what they are getting with every bottle and from which batch it was derived.

Short Answer: We purchase all of our raw plants and seeds from indigenous locations known for producing the highest therapeutic properties.  We don't own the farms, but we only purchase from those that confirm to the highest industry standards and are audited on a regular basis.

Long Answer: We source our raw plants and seeds from about 30 different farms around the world known for producing the highest quality raw materials for the particular oil we produce.  For example, our Bergamot comes from Italy, our Clary Sage from Russia, and our Tea Tree from Australia.  Each of our product pages describes the location of where we source the raw materials and why.  We only source our raw plants and seeds from those farms that ensure we receive pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO materials.

Short Answer: Essential oils can be steam distilled or cold pressed. Please refer to the listing of the specific oil you where the extraction method is indicated.

Long Answer: Visit Jade Bloom University to learn more about these processes.

Payment Questions

Yes, we do! After you’ve put your cart together and applied all of your coupon codes/loyalty points, you can select PayPal as your payment method on the cart page!

Wholesale and Affiliate Questions

Here is how to find your unique URL to share with others:

Log into your Account

Click My Account

Click the tab on the left that says My Affiliate

Click Refer Friend

Your unique URL is on the upper portion of that page where it says REFER URL. 

Yes, we have a Wholesale Program! Thanks for your interest in it. :) Once your application is approved, you will receive an account that has Wholesale capabilities enabled. This means you'll see new prices on the website that reflect a 30% discount, and you'll also get an additional 6% discount as a part of our Loyalty Point Program. In order to receive Wholesale pricing on orders, a $250.00 order minimum must be met. For this reason, most of our Wholesale Customers have 2 accounts. This means that they keep a regular customer account so they can place smaller orders, or orders with promotions/coupon codes. 

Below is a link to sign up for our Wholesale Program:


We also have our Wholesale Plus and our Wholesale Premium Program. Below is more information on both in the event that these programs fit your business’ needs:


Wholesale Plus


— Verified businesses may receive 35% off all Jade Bloom products, plus 8% back in reward points, and geographic exclusivity to carry the Jade Bloom brand within a 15 mile radius when they place a monthly order of at least $500.  


— The business must place their first wholesale order at the time their wholesale status is approved and place at least $500 a month in orders to maintain their status.  Wholesale Plus partners that fail to meet the monthly minimum requirement will be downgraded to a standard Wholesale Partner.


Wholesale Premium


— Verified businesses may receive 40% off all Jade Bloom products, plus 10% back in reward points, and geographic exclusivity to carry the Jade Bloom brand within a 15 mile radius when they place a monthly order of at least $1000.


— Additionally, as a Wholesale Premium Partner Jade Bloom will buy back any unused or unsold products within a 6 month rolling period.


— The business must place their first wholesale order at the time their wholesale status is approved and place at least $1000 a month in order to maintain their status.  If the business returns more than 20% of their products on the buy-back guarantee or if they fail to meet the monthly minimum requirement, they will be downgraded to a Wholesale Plus Partner.


Hopefully we've covered your question on this page, if not, simply send us an email and let us answer it for you.  We absolutely LOVE hearing from our customers and we want to help you.  Just visit our Contact Us page and submit your question; we promise to get back to you quickly.