About Us, Why We Exist, and Our Vision & Mission

Why Jade Bloom Exists?


The healthiest pursuit for our bodies exists in the plants and soil given to us by mother nature as confirmed by modern day science.
Prescription drugs and synthetic products should be used alternatively as needed when a natural solution is not effective.

Through the last century, advancements in technology have created new discoveries in chemical engineering that have given rise to pharmaceutical companies and created big money in the race to create a cure for everything. Science is wonderful, and we not only applaud the efforts of those that continue to discover new medicine and new cures, but we want to back the medical community in these efforts as much as possible.

However, we believe that through the collective efforts of "creating a cure for everything" we have lost our way on the best practices for maintaining health and preventing disease, to begin with.  New science is now uncovering what old science believed centuries ago and the world is primed for a health revolution.  Jade Bloom exists to carry the banner for this revolution that will create a paradigm shift for the masses.  No longer will individuals first look to a drug created in a lab from pharmaceutical companies for health and healing, but we see a world where the individual first pursues health and healing through natural solutions given to us from the plants and the soil.  This alternative approach to health will be the new modern medicine and will include proper nutrition, essential oils, scientifically proven activities such as breathing exercises to regulate dopamine and cortisol levels in our brains, and natural products that are completely void of synthetic ingredients that help promote an environment of healing within our bodies.  Prescription drugs and what we know today as modern medicine will become subservient to natural approaches and will be the new alternative medicine in the individual's course to explore all methods to finding health and healing.  The definition of this healthcare revolution hinges on the paradigm switch for the masses where the search in finding health begins first with natural solutions and then explores prescription drugs and other currently conventional approaches when a cure cannot be obtained naturally.

This way of thinking is not new for many people; it is just not the way of thinking for most people.  A healthcare revolution is coming....will you join us?


Our Vision & Mission Statements

Jade Bloom’s vision is to deliver Health, Healing, & Happiness™ to as many people as possible.

This is achieved through the education of holistic alternatives to health and wellness, as it should complement traditional medicine, and by manufacturing and distributing the highest quality and lowest cost all-natural, organic products and 100% pure essential oils.  

Jade Bloom’s mission is founded on 4 key pillars: 1) commitment to quality first over cost savings, 2) education based on the best available scientific studies, 3) obsession with a customer-centric culture, and 4) low-priced products that are the direct result of efficient operations, low overhead, and synergistic energies produced by our team members who love what they get to do each day for our customers.

Why Health, Healing, & Happiness™?

Jade Bloom was founded initially with the mission of providing the highest quality essential oils at the lowest prices, but the vision of who we are and how we can contribute to our world quickly evolved into a much broader outlook as described above in the section of "Why Jade Bloom Exists."  Individually, we each seek happiness, as every human has since the beginning of time.  We believe that no matter what your personal course of pursuit is for your happiness, a body void of health and healing can make it much more difficult to obtain happiness or to maintain happiness once you have acquired it.  Not only do we believe that a healthy body promotes happiness, but we also believe that it helps the individual maintain their happiness through their own personal paths of pursuit.


Learn With Jade Bloom

As stated in #2 of our mission statement above, we have a passion for providing education founded in sound science and unbiased studies.
As such, you can begin learning more about Health, Healing, & Happiness™ by enrolling free in the Jade Bloom University by going to https://JadeBloomUniversity.com

Also, you can read letters from our President, meet Jade Bloom team members, learn new DIY recipes, and uncover the latest science by visiting our blog here.