Would you like to rent our space?!

Looking for a place to host a class, yoga session, concert, or meet up spot?

We rent our Draper, Utah retail space which includes a learning center, the main retail space where we can push aside tables for an open space, restrooms, a tv where you can do presentations, a conference room which has a sink/fridge/water, a children's corner if there will be kids, tons of live plants and beautiful wooden walls with an indoor water feature great for a photo op!

There is plenty of space to set up yoga mats, chairs, tables, refreshments and activities all while enjoying aromatherapy from our 100% pure essential oils.

We can provide 25 chairs, 1 large, long refreshments table, 3 small bistro style tables and a low, large coffee table. Should your event require additional seating/tables, please

let us know and we can assist in arranging this. Our Facility is ADA accessible.

Pricing may vary should your events' time frame require us to close our store down during regular business hours.

To schedule, email your event details to [email protected] or call 844-PURE-OIL (787-3645) for pricing and availability. 

We look forward to connecting with you!