Cedarwood Atlas 100% Pure Essential Oil

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    Cedarwood (Atlas)

    100% Pure Essential Oil

    Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica

    Plant origin: Wood

    Extraction method: Steam distillation

    Aroma: Warm, balsamic, woody

    Odor intensity: Low

    Evaporation rate: Base note

    Origin: Morocco


    The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

    This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.

    Safety precautions: Extremely potent use with care. Consult a professional reference for correct dilution ratios prior to application.

    Avoid in pregnancy and lactation. Keep away from eye area. Keep out of reach of children.

    You won't find a higher quality 100% pure Cedarwood Essential Oil anywhere.

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    Scientific Data

    U.S. National Library of Medicine

    "Cedrus atlantica essential oil (CaEO) presents analgesic and anti-inflammatory sedative properties."

    Complete Scientific Study Available: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26344850



    UsesSleep, Skincare, Relaxation, Respiratory, Haircare

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    Apr 1, 2021


    Everything was great. One had leaked some inside package.


    Everything was great, but the Cedarwood Atlas was leaking inside the package when I picked it up at the post office. It wasn't completely empty but 1/3 had leaked out into the package. Not a huge deal. The lid had not been opened so it could have just been something that happened in the original sealing of lid. Other than that i was 100% thrilled to receive the oils & everything was great. THANK YOU!!!
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    Verified Buyer
    Great Oil!
    Jan 24, 2021
    I am super happy with this oils! Some don't prefer the smell, but personally I really enjoy it :) It's a nice oil for relaxing and calming myself down. I also really enjoy it in the diffuser for sleep! And my kids really enjoy it too :)
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    Verified Buyer
    fresh cut tree
    May 26, 2019
    Great woody smell. Smells like a piece of wood just cut at the lumber yard.
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    Verified Buyer
    Cedarwood Atlas
    May 20, 2019
    Love the woodsy scent it gives my insect repellent. Look forward to using it in other recommended ways. Will keep this in my collection especially with summer coming.
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    Verified Buyer
    Woodsy Scent
    May 7, 2019
    Love this! Has a unique woodsy scent. Love diffusing because it reminds me of the great outdoors! Also great as a bug repellent! Love the high quality of Jade Bloom oils!
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    Verified Buyer
    Love this cedarwood
    Apr 9, 2019
    Wonderful woodsy scent - excellent quality - highly recommend to add to your EO collection.
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    Verified Buyer
    Jan 4, 2019
    After trying the Jade Bloom Sample of Cedarwood-Atlas, I knew I had to get the standard bottle. I love the deep, yet not overpowering, woodsy fragrance.
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    Verified Buyer
    Dec 28, 2018
    Has a strong Woodsy Cedar smell. Great for the diffuser
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    Verified Buyer
    deep and rich
    Dec 14, 2018
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    Verified Buyer
    Sweet and Warm
    Nov 29, 2018
    Love this cedarwood. it is very sweet and warm, woodsy....love blending it with frankincense carterii.
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