Better Mood & Skin Kit

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    Better Mood & Skin

    DELIGHT, Sensitive Blue Tansy & Melissa Lip balm

    Sensitive Blue Tansy:
    Blue Tansy is known as a great skin care oil that can reverse signs of aging, reduce inflammation and is also great for stabilizing emotions. The convenient roller ball bottle that is pre-diluted makes this easy to take on the go and safe for children & the elderly.

    • FOR MOOD: Roll onto temples to improve mood
    • FOR SKIN: Apply to inflamed skin for healing or use on wrinkles to reduce signs of aging

    DELIGHT - Uplifting Blend
    This exotic Jade Bloom blend includes bergamot, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and other citrus oils. The combination of these oils is commonly used to relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety when used topically & aromatically.

    • FOR MOOD: Add 1 drop to your wrist, temples or to the back of neck to improve mood
    • Add a couple of drops of oil to a cotton ball & place in the air vent of your car for a peaceful drive

    Lip Balm - Melissa
    Our handmade, 100% natural lip balm comes infused with essential oils for added benefits. Soften the lips while receiving the medicated benefits of Melissa oil. This oil calms anxiety, relieves stress, & is also "suitable for topical treatment of herpetic infections" or cold sores.


    • FOR MOOD: Apply this lip balm & inhale deeply
    • FOR SKIN: Use on chapped/cracked lips or cold sores


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