Carisa's Pucker Lines Serum Bundle

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Carisa's Pucker Lines Serum Bundle

This set includes:

10 ML Cinnamon Bark Ceylon

2 Oz Castor

1 Oz Vitamin E

2 Oz Marula Oil 

10 ML Rollerball Bottle

Recipe/How to Use:

In the 10 ml roller bottle provided:

Add Cinnamon bark, Castor oil and Vitamin E oil.

Fill the rest of the bottle with Marula Oil.

Shake and store in a dry, dark ,cool place.

Exfoliate your lips with your favorite lip exfoliant, a hot towel, or a sugar scrub, then apply the lip serum and leave on overnight.

Reapply as needed day or night.



 6 drops of Cinnamon Bark essential oil

 6 drops of Castor oil,

 10 drops of Vitamin E oil

 Marula Oil



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