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100% Pure Essential Oil

Scientific name : Cymbopogon martinii

Oil origin : Grass

Extraction : Steam distillation

Aroma : Sweet, floral, rosy, lemony

Odor strength: Medium

Evaporation : Middle note

Origin: India


Palmarosa is a perennial grass native to India. Palmarosa has a scent reminiscent of rose infused with lemongrass. It is a unique oil to incorporate into beauty products because of it’s lovely scent coupled with beautifying properties.


Palmarosa essential oil works well as a skin toner because of its ability to work as a humectant to retain moisture in the skin. The oil is also reputed to stimulate skin cell regeneration, working to provide a lustrous complexion to mature skin. The disinfectant properties ward off bacteria, act as an insect repellent, and help to heal scar tissue.


Palmarosa essential oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, digestive, febrifuge, nervine, stimulant, tonic, bactericidal, cicatrizant, digestive, febrifuge, and hydrating


Palmarosa essential oil is a excellent addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.






The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.

Safety precautions: Extremely potent use with care.  Consult a professional reference for correct dilution ratios prior to application.

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation. Keep away from eye area. Keep out of reach of children.

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Aug 12, 2023
When I first smelled Palmarosa in the bottle, it smelled like lemongrass to me. I put it in the diffuser and then I could smell rose! But I can't really smell the rose now and I just smells like grass. But it's not bad at all! I actually like it!
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Response from Jade Bloom
Aug 23, 2023
Glad you like it, Chelsea! Thank you for your purchase and your review
I also like how this ...
Mar 23, 2021


I use this on my dryer balls!! Love how our clothes smell so fresh!


I also like how this oil is available in larger bottles.
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Verified Buyer
Palmarosa is of my new-found ...
Jan 5, 2020
Palmarosa is of my new-found favorites! I lean toward citrus scents and light florals, and when I read that palmarosa was like a lemony-y rose, I had to try it! I now use it often instead of geranium and love to diffuse it with lemon and lavender.
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Verified Buyer
Great oil!
May 7, 2019
I love this oil! It is a wonderful skin toner! It is now one of my go to oils!
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Verified Buyer
Feel like a goddess
Jan 3, 2019
I love this mixed with equal parts lavender and sandalwood when I want to feel like a goddess!
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Verified Buyer
Another great oil!
Jul 23, 2018
Palmarosa is another excellent essential oil from Jade Bloom. Its scent is so pure, clear and well defined that is becoming one of my “to go” Jade Bloom little wonder.
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Verified Buyer
Nice smell, not sure how it works yet. . .
Jul 17, 2018
I got this oil to try in a recipe for a stress relief blend. But then I noticed that it calls for spikenard as well so I’m not sure about doing that blend. Spikenard is a whole other review but to sum it all up in one word...Ew. But palmarosa has a nice fresh, light smell.
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Verified Buyer
5 Stars
Apr 27, 2018
5 Stars
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Verified Buyer
Must have oil
Apr 25, 2018
I add this oil to all of my lotion because it is excellent at helping retain moisture
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Verified Buyer
New favorite
Apr 17, 2018
This has a very interesting smell, soothing and yet bright. I have been enjoying it in the diffuser with vanilla and a citrus oil added to it.
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