June 22, 2017 -- Potent Pain Potion & Calming Face Serum Recipes

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For this week’s blog, we wanted to highlight some oils that you may not know a lot about. Also, it’s been a while, so we wanted to give you some recipes too!

An oil that’s relatively new to our inventory that you probably haven’t heard of is Galbanum. It’s a shame this oil doesn’t get more recognition, as it’s fantastic for a wide variety of ailments:

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  1. It fights parasites, fungi, and bacteria in both humans and pets. It’s also a powerful, natural insecticide, something we’ll all be turning to more during the summer months.

  2. Its ability to improve circulation and detoxify the body contributes to its ability to combat rheumatism and arthritis, by ridding the body of excess water, salt, and uric acid.

  3. Galbanum is anti-aging and acne fighting. It’s been said to give an “Organic Facelift”. It tightens skin and promotes the regeneration of new, healthy tissue, making it a great option for tightening skin after weight loss or pregnancy and lightening scars. It also fights the cause of acne, rather than just treating the symptom like most acne fighting products out there.

  4. Galbanum is one of the most powerful natural decongestants out there. It's especially effective during chronic bouts of bronchitis, and breaking up congestion associated with upper respiratory infections. 

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How to use:

For Congestion: Diffuse 3-5 drops in a diffuser at night to break up congestion in the chest and sinuses.

For Arthritis: Mix 3 drops of Galbanum with 3 drops of Black Cumin Seed and apply to the area of concern. This mixture is particularly effective for arthritis in the hands.

For Acne/Sagging Skin: Apply topically using Jade Bloom’s Skin Rejuvenation Recipe (below) morning and night.

For Lice: Add 5 drops in 8 oz (10 drops in 16 oz, etc) of Galbanum into your bottle of sulfate-free Shampoo



Jade Bloom’s Skin Rejuvenation Recipe

Here is what you will need:

1. Empty 2 oz Boston Round Bottle 

2. Galbanum Essential Oil

3. Austrian Carrot Seed Essential Oil

4. Geranium Essential Oil

5. Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil

6. Jojoba Carrier Oil

7. Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil

Instructions -- Add these quantities to your empty 2 oz Boston Round Bottle:

-- 10 drops of Galbanum

-- 5 drops of Carrot Seed

-- 3 drops of Kashmir Lavender

-- 2 drops of Geranium

-- 1.5 oz of Jojoba Oil

-- .5 oz of Rosehip Seed Oil

It's ready! Make sure to shake well prior to each use and simply apply it to your face and body every morning and night. 


Jade Bloom’s Respiratory Health Diffuser Recipe

 To fight chronic upper respiratory infections and bronchitis, put 3 drops of Galbanum and 2 drops of our PROTECT blend into a diffuser and diffuse throughout the day. 

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 We used to only carry German Chamomile, so when we were able to start sourcing Roman Chamomile, we were so excited for the vast daily applications of the oil.

  1. It’s a super powerful sedative - both physical and emotional distress are addressed with the use of this oil. It’s to be diffused during times of high anxiety, anger, or intense physical pain associated with recovery from injuries, surgeries, etc. It’s also a potent pain reliever for muscle and joint pain.

  2. It’s an effective anti-depressant. Its ability to cultivate a calming influence and combat anxiety and irritability makes it a great addition to depression/anxiety blends.

  3. It should be in every essential oil users’ first aid kit - It is invaluable in regards to pain relief pertaining to the following ailments: Arthritis, insect bites, headaches, burns, sprains, toothaches, and teething. It also promotes the fast healing of fresh cuts and wounds.

  4. Roman Chamomile helps soothe severely irritated skin. It’s a natural astringent, so it helps shrink pores and helps treat dermatitis, making it a great option for those with eczema and dry, sensitive skin.

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How to use:

For Stress/Anxiety/Depression:  Diffuse 3-5 drops during stressful times, post surgery, or prior to bedtime.

No diffuser? No problem. Put 3 drops on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball inside your pillowcase.

For Arthritis:  Dilute 3 drops in 6 drops of Black Cumin Seed and apply to the area of concern.

For Wound Care:  Use with a hot/cold compress to promote healing of fresh cuts.


Jade Bloom’s Potent Pain Potion Recipe

Here is what you will need:

1. Empty 2 Oz Boston Round Bottle

2. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

3. Galbanum Essential Oil

4. Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil

5. Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil


Instructions -- Add the following quantities of oil in your 2 Oz Boston Round Bottle:

-- 15 drops Roman Chamomile

-- 10 drops Frankincense Carterii

-- 5 drops of Galbanum

Now, fill the Boston Round to the top with Black Cumin Carrier oil.  Shake well before each use and apply as needed for pain and inflammation.


Jade Bloom’s Calming Facial Serum Recipe

 Here is what you will need:

1. Empty 2 oz Boston Round Bottle

2. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

3. Camellia Oil


4. Patchouli Essential Oil

5. Rose Absolute


Instructions --  Add the following quantities to your 2 oz Boston Round Bottle:

-- 14 drops of Roman Chamomile

-- 2 oz of Camellia Oil

-- 10 drops of Roman Chamomile

-- 5 drops of Patchouli

-- 3 drops of Rose Absolute

-- 2 oz of Camellia oil

Shake well prior to each use and apply to your face once per day.


Blog Author: Jackie Mallett