Carisa's DermaTreat Bundle

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Carisa's DermaTreat Bundle

This set includes:

Pomegranate Seed Oil - 2 oz

Vitamin E Oil - 1 oz

Sandalwood Mysore - 5 ML

Helichrysum Essential Oil - 10 ML

Empty 2 oz Boston Round Bottle

3 Pack Bamboo Cloths

Recipe/How to Use:

Do not combine this treatment with any other skin care until it has had a chance to set in on your skin and penetrate to the dermis layer for at least 30 mins. Allow it to dry down and then follow with your usual skin care routine.
In a 2 oz bottle, add essential oils 1st then carrier oil. Allow to sit for 48 hours to synergize.
10 drops helichrysum
8 drops sandalwood
8 drops Vit E
Add Pomegranate seed to the rest of bottle, filling up to the neck.

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Treat yourself you won't regret ...
Jan 26, 2024


The advantages of this bundle are plentiful.. This is my Favorite treatment so far.. I've only been using it for 2 weeks and have had significant improvement in skin. This is the perfect pm treatment.. you wake up with your skin looking and feeling soft an supple. Fine lines and wrinkles are fading faster than I thought possible.. I highly recommend


The only disadvantage is that I didn't find this sooner..I wholeheartedly love this treatment!


Treat yourself you won't regret it!
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