Carisa's After Sun Nourishing Bundle

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Carisa's After Sun Nourishing Bundle

This set includes:

2oz Rosehip Oil

2oz Almond Oil

Frankincense Serrata 10 ML

Roman Chamomile 10 ML

Helichrysum 5 ML

Bulgarian Lavender 10 ML

Empty 2 oz glass bottle with pipette for mixing

Recipe/How to Use:

On freshly washed skin, apply 1 to 3 drops at bedtime. Massage in for 60 seconds, and then follow with your favorite moisturizer.
In a 2 oz bottle, add essential oils 1st then carrier oil. Allow to sit for 48 hours to synergize.

To the empty 2 oz bottle provided, add:
10 drops Frankincense Serrata 
8 drops Lavender
7 drops Helichrysum 
5 drops Roman Chamomile
1 oz Rosehip seed oil
1 oz Almond oil

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