The Ultimate Oral Care Kit

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Ultimate Oral Care Kit

This complete Oral Care Kit was one of our most successful Collectors Clubs to date. It was so well loved by our members that we decided to make it available for purchase.

Simple. Effective. Complete.

This set includes:

5 oz bag of Dry pH Restore Ingredients

Buying the dry ingredients of our pH Restore mouthwash is a budget friendly and environmentally friendly alternative to buying plastic bottles of commercial mouthwash over and over. Instead, make your own mouthwash over and over with the dry ingredients. We also recommend purchasing our pH Restore mouthwash in its glass bottle once so that you can refill it forever.

High Quality Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper + Sleek Travel Case

While you may have heard of or even used tongue scrapers before, this tongue scraper is super high quality and is also fantastic for the whole family. This is due to its unique size which is optimal for little mouths! Its size also allows multi directional scraping which provides a superior clean.


2 oz Sesame Seed Virgin Oil for Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a practice that originated from Ayurvedic medicine in which an edible oil is swished around the mouth for a period of time and then spat out, similar to mouthwash. It originates from Ayurvedic medicine. Those who practice oil pulling claim that it has improved not just their oral health, but also their overall health in general. 


Thorough Instructional Card

Our Collectors Clubs always come with info cards on how to use the specially curated products we send each month. However, this month's card was so information dense, we think you'll be glad you purchased the whole kit rather than just the individual products.

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