Building a Healthy Company Culture: Insights from Jade Bloom Team Members

If you gave our customer service department a call on the Friday of Memorial Weekend, you would have heard evidence of healthy morale and company culture being high on the priority list of our company.

“Thank you for calling Jade Bloom. We are so sorry we weren’t able to take your call today. Our Customer Service Department is out of town for a team building trip.”

What we left out of the voicemail? That we were in VEGAS, BABY!

If you are a lover of shoes, top-notch customer service, and affordable prices, you’ve probably heard of We had the pleasure of touring their facility and observing all we could about their cultural norms and priorities as a company. It was an unforgettable experience and an indicator of how well taken care of the employees of Jade Bloom are.

A healthy culture of a company can usually be traced back to a very involved and caring upper management structure. Our President, Stephanie Wilkinson, and our CEO, Adam Wilkinson are the pulse of this great company that I am so lucky to work for. And our staff vehemently agrees. I crowdsourced this very topic with our team, and here’s what they said:

“My favorite parts of working at Jade Bloom are the opportunities, trust, and teamwork. We are all really close at Jade Bloom and it creates a workspace where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and talking with their superiors honestly. I also like that Jade Bloom wants everyone to know a little bit of everything; We all help each other out!”

-Jenna Cummings


“When I started working at Jade Bloom over 2 years ago, I was immediately attracted to the fact that I got to work side by side with Adam, the CEO of JB and his wife, Stephanie, the President. From my first day, the office was full of laughs, good music and hilarious banter between employees and the owners. I absolutely love that I have a say in things, I love that I feel a part of something big and that I am free to be creative. All of these things are possible because of the culture Adam and Stephanie have worked hard to create here at Jade Bloom.

One of my favorite memories I have with Stephanie is when we taught the first ever local Jade Bloom class together. I loved the time the two of us had bonding with each other that day. My favorite part about Adam is that he lets me express myself creatively. Some of my ideas are (in hindsight) horrible, but he lets me try and fail, then try again. I appreciate this freedom so much.

I am honored to be a part of this company and to be a member of the Jade Bloom family. Adam and Stephanie have radically changed the course of my life and I could not be more thankful.”

-Smay Thomson


“My favorite aspect of working at Jade Bloom is the company’s encouragement in regards to nourishing existing talents, discovering new ones and focusing on personal growth. Last summer, Jade Bloom began the process of imploring its employees to take part in regular goal setting. It was this process that resulted in me setting very specific (and at the time…seemingly outlandish) goals for myself. I set a goal to raise my credit score by 50 points, and own a home by the end of the year. As of today, I am sporting a credit score that’s 89 points higher and as of this week specifically, am adjusting to the newfound title of “Homeowner”. :) This company and the values it stands for have, in the most literal sense, changed my life. The people that it employs and that I have the pleasure of calling my co-workers are the most affable, caring, hilarious people I’ve ever worked alongside. The relationships I have cultivated throughout my employment here have become a pillar in my life that I could not live without. During my 2 years with this company, both Stephanie and Adam have recognized my strengths and given me space and time to utilize them in a creative way. For this, and for all their love and support, I am forever grateful.”

-Jackie Mallett


“What I love about Jade Bloom is the simple fact that we’re changing lives; hundreds of orders daily and thousands weekly get sent out all over the world! I would assume they’re being bought for the needs of the person purchasing them and given that our oils are mainly for health and healing, I love the fact that so many people are not only looking to improve their health, but also to grow and evolve; it excites me! Can’t wait until the world ditches pharmaceuticals and says “Hell yeah!” to natural remedies instead.”

-Lamont Williams


“Working for Jade Bloom has been the best job I’ve ever had. Here, I’ve been given the freedom to problem solve on my own terms. Being able to work with others who’ve been given the same freedom has created an atmosphere of creativity. I love making products that I not only use every day but that others are using everyday as well. I love working for a company where the line between coworkers and friends have been blurred.”

-Jacob Jensen


“Working at Jade Bloom has been monumental in my social, professional, and personal life. I started working here just 2 days after my wife (Smay) started. Initially, my intention was to only work a few hours a week, but after getting to know Adam and Stephanie, and seeing the vision they had for health, healing and happiness, that changed very quickly. I love that I can be myself here. I can freely express my thoughts, feelings, fears, and hopes with my co-workers, who I now consider to be family. We celebrate with one another when times are going well, and mourn with each other when falling on hard times. I’ve always considered a job to be a dreadful necessity, but the culture that has been created here at Jade Bloom has proven to me that a job can be fun. Each day is a blast, and I’m honored to be a part of what Adam and Stephanie have started.”

-Adam Thomson



“I love walking into work every day knowing that I’m going to have meaningful, happy, positive conversations with my friends and co-workers. I love how encouraging Adam and Stephanie are as bosses and friends. And I love that I can look up to everyone here! Plus, I love working with the oils, learning about the benefits of using essential oils and working for a company that’s promoting healthy living!”

-Taylor Bell


“I have never loved my job. I have never felt appreciated, or valued in a workplace. I always thought the higher you went on the food chain, the less you cared about the low guy on the totem pole. I always thought it was one of those necessary evils that everyone eventually has to cope with. I have worked with Jade Bloom for close to 2 years now and I will never work for another company. I have been given the tools to create my own success. I feel like I am valued as a person AND an employee, my coworkers are now people I would consider friends, and I truly do care about our products and what we are doing for people’s health all over the world. Boom.”

-Ethan Thomson

While the Jade Bloom team works tirelessly to change the lives of our customers, it’s important to remember that Jade Bloom has changed the lives of its employees; something that we hope shows in the nature of all of our dealings with you.  Now, watch Adam and Stephanie get down to Spice Girls...