Allspice 100% Pure Essential Oil

Allspice 100% Pure Essential Oil

Ajowan 100% Pure Essential Oil

Ajowan 100% Pure Essential Oil

Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood) 100% Pure Essential Oil

Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood) 100% Pure Essential Oil

Allspice 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Visit Jade Bloom University to learn how we distill the highest grade, organic, wildcrafted from the best indigenous environments from around the world, 100% pure essential oils. Access The Official Oil Guide to learn how to safely dilute your essential oils and how to best use them. Please note, aroma and color of each batch of oil may differ slightly based on the soil and harvest time of the year.

Due to the occasional unexpected sourcing issue, changes in the market price of raw materials, and in the interest of remaining consistent in terms of quality each time we source, this product may be subject to price fluctuations.

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    Please note: Allspice Essential Oil should be used with extreme care.  It may act as a mucous irritant and also may interfere with blood clotting.  The max dermal limit for this oil is 0.15%




    100% Pure Essential Oil

    Scientific name: Pimenta dioica

    Oil Origin: Berries

    Extraction: Steam distilled

    Aroma: Warm, clove-like, spicy

    Odor Strength: High

    Evaporation: Middle note

    Origin: Jamaica 


    Allspice is native to Southern Mexico and Central America. It is now grown predominantly in Jamaica and at one time was forbidden to be exported.  The name “Allspice” was coined by the English who noticed the aroma was reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Ancient Mayans would embalm passed rulers with allspice, holding the berry in high esteem.

    Allspice has warming properties which improve blood circulation and calm the nerves. It is reputed to act as an aphrodisiac. For cosmetic applications, allspice essential oil acts as an astringent, constricting the skin and tightening pores. Its pain reducing properties are attributed to its eugenol content, helping to relieve arthritis and other muscle related pains.

    Allspice is wonderful to use in aromatherapy in addition to incorporating in beauty and personal care formulations. A warm scent with therapeutic properties certain to please.




    The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

    This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.

    Safety precautions: Extremely potent use with care. Consult a professional reference for correct dilution ratios prior to application.

    Avoid in pregnancy and lactation. Keep away from eye area. Keep out of reach of children.

    You won't find a higher quality 100% Pure Allspice Essential Oil anywhere

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    Scientific Data

    U.S. National Library of Medicine

    "The results show that apple-based films with allspice... [is] active against 3 foodborne pathogens by both direct contact with the bacteria and indirectly by vapors emanating from the films."

    Complete Scientific Study Available:


    "The results show that the essential oils possess significant antioxidant activity which is comparable to that of pure eugenol. Therefore the oil can be utilised as a natural antioxidant which gives good flavour as well as health benefits." 

    Complete Scientific Study Available:


    "Allspice essential oils also have been substituted as a natural alternate for pesticides and fungicide."

    "Allspice essential oil, when added to massage oils and baths, is known to promote circulation so as to relieve pain from muscle cramps and strains. Also, it is used for headache, to combat stress and depression and to overcome fatigue because of its comforting scent. Allspice blends well with ginger, lavender and other spices, making it diversified when it comes to the choices for aromatherapy."

    "The reason why Allspice is used for treating indigestion might be due to the abundance of the common polyphenol Eugenol in Allspice, which is known to stimulate digestive enzymes."

    "The biological properties exhibited by Allspice extracts can be loosely classified as oxygen scavenges (antioxidants), vasodilators (antihypertensive) and antiproliferative agents with potential for application in cancer chemoprevention and therapies."

    "We have presented a critical evaluation of its medicinal properties with special attention as a chemo-dietary prevention agent for chronic diseases and malignant cancers."

    "Opportunities exist to identify several potential anticancer compounds from Allspice and test their bioavailability and mechanism of action on normal and tumor systems."

    Complete Scientific Study Available:


    UsesPain / Inflammation, Relaxation, Respiratory, Digestion

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