Wooden Comb with Jade Bloom Logo

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Engraved Wooden Comb

These combs made of peach wood are biodegradable & antibacterial! They will help increase blood flow to the scalp and act as a natural conditioner when bringing oils from your roots down to the ends of your hair for a more natural shine. The comb can also double as a beard comb to help disperse styling product.



Dry Shampoo

All-Natural Spray

Did you know showering every day has shown to damage both skin and hair? Dry shampoo is a great way to extend a great hair day without a full shower...problem solved!

How To Use: Before bed, spray onto roots and places hair comes in contact with skin, making it oily. The liquid ingredients in the spray will soon dissolve leaving only the dry powder that will absorb the excess hair oils and keep your hair looking fresh for another day!


INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel, Arrow Root, & 100% pure essential oils of Pink Grapefruit and Coriander Seed | Handmade in small batches!