Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper with Sleek Case

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Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper + Sleek Case

Our teeth get so much focus and a lot of love when it comes to oral hygiene and that's great! However, let's not neglect our tongues! This would be a tragedy, considering it's on the tongue where so much bacteria that causes bad breath likes to hang out.

Incorporating a tongue scraper into your dental care routine can do the following:

Improves taste - When you scrape off the surface of your tongue, it’s almost as if you’re starting with an entirely fresh palette.
Freshens breath - The majority of odor-causing bacteria lives on your tongue.
Removes harmful bacteria - Tongue scraping can prevent cavities and remove harmful bacteria that inflame your gums overtime.

How to incorporate a Tongue Scraper into your routine:

Brush, floss, & rinse as normal. Apply light pressure and run the scraper across the entire surface of the tongue, starting at the back of the tongue and pulling forward /away from you. Repeat 2 times, rinse the scraper with warm water between passes. Finish by rinsing with water or pH Restore.


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