Carisa's Thirsty Skin Serum Bundle

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Carisa's Thirsty Skin Serum Bundle

This set includes everything you need to make up Carisa's Thirsty Skin Serum! *Tip: purchase additional Musk Melon in order to make the serum several times over!

Musk Melon - 2 oz

Ginger Essential Oil Essential Oil - 10 ML

Turmeric Essential Oil - 10 ML

Lemon Essential Oil - 10 ML


Clarifying Thirsty Skin Serum Recipe/Usage Instructions:

Ginger Essential Oil - 12 drops

Turmeric Essential Oil - 10 drops

Lemon Essential Oil - 8 drops

Musk Melon Oil - 2 oz 

*Add essential oils to the bottle of Musk Melon

Wash face and allow to remain damp, not wet and apply a drop on each cheek and forehead and massage into skin with tools. Do not rinse off.

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