Small Company, Big Heart

Here’s a *little* secret for y’all.

If you go to our website, deal with our customer service, place an order or interact with our company in any real way, you may be thinking that we are a large company with lots of employees. We may have even tried to make you believe that this was the case for a long time in some attempt to look like this big time corporation for some reason, but we’ve been spilling the beans lately and breaking out of that mindset... after all, each package that goes out now days says “we are a small family-owned company on a BIG mission!”

Yup, we operate with less than 20 (all veryyy wacky) employees and are crushing it. 
At least, we try to.

If you need Customer Support assistance or help in the retail store, you’ll talk to Jackie, Tyrone, Kai, Aleca or Adam.  Every product that needs to be made or bottle that gets filled is done by Jake, Jeff and Heath.  All of the graphics you see and the fresh new labels are designed by Smay. Every bottle is HAND labeled by Brad and Dixie. Every package that goes out in the mail is fulfilled by Taylor and Tai.  If you require support with your Affiliate, Wholesale or Private Label experience... we have people for that, too!  And all the while, our President and CEO ensures that we source the best ingredients for you while working with other industry professionals.

We all waltz our way into our facility in Draper, Utah every day and straight kill it, but in all honesty, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you. We are small company with a big heart.  Thank you for all of your support! We’ll be here today, tomorrow, and for as long as you’ll have us.