Skin Tightening Bundle

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    Skin Tightening Bundle

    This set includes:

    Marula - 2 oz Bottle with Pipette

    10 ML Geranium Essential Oil

    10 ML Fennel Essential Oil

    Neroli Hydrosol

    DermaGlucan Lotion in the Jar

    Microfiber Bamboo Cloths

    2 oz Empty Glass Boston Round Bottle with Pipette 

    Empty 2 oz Glass Spray Bottle

    *Please note* For those that purchased this bundle prior to September 1st, 2023, you may have received a DermaGlucan 4 oz Mix In in a 4 oz Green Glass Bottle. This is actually a more expensive product, as you received 4 oz of undiluted DermaGlucan raw material. A teaspoon or less of this can be mixed into at least a 4 oz body lotion or facial lotion of your choosing. 


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