Discretion Bathroom Spray|Whole Kit

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    Discretion Bathroom Spray Kit


    Kit Includes: Fresh Meadow, Holiday Cheer, Orange Grove

    Each of these 2 oz bottles contains 20 ml of 100% pure essential oils (2 full-size bottles) that will help to remove unwanted odors naturally. These days, there are many harmful chemicals inside typical commercial air fresheners, which is why we decided to help you keep your family safe by eliminating all of those toxic ingredients and only using natural products to formulate this product.

    How to use:

    Shake before each use & spray onto toilet water before using the bathroom to create a barrier to trap
    unwanted odor from reaching the air, or spray in any room as needed to deodorize.

    Next time you go to the bathroom... use some DISCRETION.

    Don't be afraid... try spraying any of these blends in your toilet bowl to trap
    unwanted odors from getting into
    the air. Trust us, your family will thank you!

    Included in this pack are the following 3 items:

    1. DISCRETION - Fresh Meadow | 2oz
    This scent contains pure essential oil that will have you
    daydreaming about walking through a fresh dewy meadow in the morning.
    While eliminating odor from your bathroom, this blend of essential oils can also kill bacteria and
    promote alertness.

    Lemon oil,  Clary Sage oil, Lemongrass oil,  & Rose floral water

     2. DISCRETION - Orange Grove | 2oz
    Orange Grove includes pure essential oils that all come from the
    orange tree or orange family. It is packed with the calming aroma of citrus and is a favorite
    among the Jade Bloom office. While eliminating odor, this formulation of essential
    oils can also kill bacteria and relieve anxiety or depression.
    Orange, Tangerine, Petitgrain,  Mandarin & Rose floral water

    3. DISCRETION - Holiday Cheer | 2oz

    This scent contains pure essential oils that will remind you and your family of the holidays!
    This powerful blend will enhance holiday festivities and make your bathroom a little more
    pleasant for all of your guests. The combination of these oils will kill bacteria and odor while
    filling your home with the rich smell of the Holidays.
    Sweet Orange, Lemon, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Pine Needle, Cinnamon Bark & Rose Water

    You won't find a higher quality Bathroom Spray Kit at a better price anywhere

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