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    Lime Hydrosol - 2 oz Spray

    There aren't many aromas more stimulating and refreshing than lime! Our hydrosols are fantastic when stored in the fridge and sprayed on your face/body on a hot day, and this uplifting citrusy rendition is no exception.


    Imagine the tart, crisp smell of a freshly sliced lime. Lime Hydrosol is a wonderful addition to recipes that support the skin, as an air freshener, linen spray, and can be incorporated into household cleaning products! 


    You can diffuse it, add a small amount to your favorite beverage & even use it in soap making.


    As a product of distillation from fresh limes, this is a versatile hydrosol to add to your apothecary with many similar properties to lime essential oil, but without the fuss. Lime hydrosol is an astringent and can help balance oily skin.