DIY Capsule Kit

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    Kit Includes: 1 Clear Glass Jar & 90 Empty Veggie Capsules

    Now you can make your own veggie capsules filled with your favorite essential oil blends. The attractive glass jar with the silver cap presents the perfect display for your creation. The veggie capsules are size 0 and can hold about 10 drops of essential and carrier oils.  Our veggie capsules are BSE free.  They comply with GMP standards.



    1. Remove a veggie capsule and gently pull it apart using your fingers

    2. Add your blend of essential and carrier oils

    3. Firmly reseal the 2 halves of the capsule with your fingers and place the encapsulated oil back in the jar until ready to use

    Note** These are not to be made ahead of time, but instead are to be made just before they are taken by mouth.