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Good product
Jul 2, 2017
Great for inner earaches.
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Apr 15, 2017
Very strong odor. Order it separately as everything in my order smells like garlic. I smelled it when I opened they mailbox, through all of the packaging. It must have leaked a little in the bag because it got on my hands when I was removing it from the package and I cannot get the garlic smell off my hands. I am hoping it dissipates over night. I have put the garlic oil in another container with an airtight lid to try and contain the odor as it has left a lingering smell in the house in just the short time it took me to open the package. It should work well against infections based on the strength.
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Love it
Apr 3, 2017
This oil is very potent. You don't need a lot of it.
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smells fresh
Mar 20, 2017
smells just like fresh pressed garlic. VERY STRONG. I ordered with some floral oils and I'm having difficulty getting the garlic scent off the floral oil bottles. I suggest ordering this seperately, especially if you live in the US and can get free shipping on two bottles of garlic oil. Unfortunately in Canada it's not worth the $12.95 shipping to order seperately, but I do wish the garlic hadn't contaminated the floral bottles. My Cananga smells like garlic every time I try to take a sniff from the bottle.
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one drop
Mar 3, 2017
one drop goes a long way, when I say strong pungent oder, is an under statement. using to help lower blood pressure.
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