Set - INHALE Breathing Blend, RELIEF Rub, 3 Inhaler sticks + Info card

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Visit Jade Bloom University to learn how we distill the highest grade, organic, wildcrafted from the best indigenous environments from around the world, 100% pure essential oils.  Access our The Official Oil Guide to learn how to safely dilute your essential oils and how to best use them.

Please note, aroma and color of each batch of oil may differ slightly based on the soil and harvest time of the year.


INHALE... EXHALE KIT (Includes 4 Items)

10ml INHALE Breathing Blend, 2oz jar of RELIEF Respiratory Blend, 3 inhaler sticks + info card

The perfect combo pack to have on hand during those winter months!

INHALE (10ml)

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

A blend to open up your airways, support respiratory system health and offer a boost of energy. 


  • Diffuse 8 drops each morning
  • Add 5 drops to the floor of your shower for a DIY sauna
  • Inhale deeply through the inhaler sticks before a work out for both motivation and stamina


Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Myrtle, Pine, Spruce, Marjoram, Lavender, Cypress, and Peppermint 


RELIEF Respiratory Rub (2oz)
All Natural Ingredients


RELIEF Rub - An all natural replacement for Vicks Vapor Rub




Topically - Apply generously to chest and neck 


Organic Beeswax, 100% pure cold pressed Almond Oil, Proprietary RELIEF Respiratory Blend contains 100% pure essential oils of: (Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia), Lemon (Citrus Limonum), Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) , Bay Leaf (Laurus nobilis))




3 Inhaler sticks

Each inhaler includes 4 pieces: Inhaler, Cover, Plug, and a Wick
Portable and easy to use.  Just add your favorite Jade Bloom essential oil or blends
These inhalers are made using medical grade plastic just like the Vicks Inhaler. 
The cover and plug is a very tight fit to ensure that your essential oils do not evaporate.  When properly assembled, the essential oil will last very long as the seal is very tight.



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Customer Reviews

By Lola
January 12, 2019 2:43:27 PM MST

I use this every time I feel like i'm getting a sinus cold or infection. It's amazing

By Jean Francis
January 7, 2019 11:42:15 AM MST

Smells amazing and works great love using natural.

By Amy
December 30, 2018 10:39:06 PM MST

This is now my second complete kit I do have the oils as well as an extra jar or two of the relief rub! I love it! Recently being more sick then a human should ever be, once I was coherent enough to think I went straight for this, slathered my chest, neck etc. made an inhaler. I could breathe again! I could function again. Four days of being out of it, this was my savings grace! Thank you Thank you Thank you JBloomers! I truly Love you and All of your products! This is one every family member is going to be getting, I’ll make sure of that!

By Joyce
December 30, 2018 8:40:32 PM MST

I love ALL of my Jade Bloom!

Great Set for the Wintertime Sniffles
By Miranda
December 28, 2018 10:29:28 AM MST

This set was truly a lifesaver this winter with all the sickies going around it really helped aid our breathing when we had colds and the rub was great right before bed it wasn't very greasy like most vapor rubs.

Love it!
By Katherine
December 13, 2018 8:12:20 AM MST

This oil SAVED me! I can breathe, I can go to work, I can function! I am beyond satisfied with it! It is going to be permanently in my oily collection.

Must have
By Ruthy Esbeck Nahrgang
December 8, 2018 10:31:58 AM MST

I received this in my collector's club!
Must have for winter colds

You need this in your winter life!
By Krissy
December 7, 2018 4:57:04 PM MST

I got this for my CC and it's my 2nd favorite! The INHALE blend is to die for and I cannot wait until they make this available to purchase, it's absolutely fantastic for a pick-me-up. It's also great to have during the cold months for the common sicknesses and to generally get rid of germs that are bottled up while our heaters are running. The relief rub is fantastic, it's not too strong so you only get a slight sensation on your chest when using it, but it does the job when it comes to breaking up gunk and quickening the healing process.

By Amy
December 7, 2018 2:02:24 PM MST

I had a bit of congestion the day this arrived so Perfect timing! I absolutely Love this set! Upon receiving it I immediately made an inhaler and that night used the Rub, I could Breathe again and felt great when I woke up! This IS my Go-to for sure! Thank you for bringing it to market! Woohoo

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