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    Detox Clay

    French Green Clay + Bentonite Clay

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    The exclusive product is our DETOXIFYING Mask that is made up of 2 different clays that contribute to the betterment of your skin. Both the French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay have been shown to detoxify the body and improve skin’s texture and tone.

     We all come in contact with many toxins each day. Products such as cleaning supplies, paint, unpurified water, commercial hygiene products, fumes, pesticides, and an unhealthy diet can all add toxins to our bodies. This exclusive Jade Bloom product composed of Bentonite and French Green Clay has negatively charged molecules that seek out positively charged molecules, much like a magnet. Positively charged molecules include most toxins as well as heavy metals. This process means that the clay latches on to toxins and stays united with them until the removal process is complete and a thorough detox has taken place.

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    Bentonite Clay is formed when volcanic ash has been disintegrated by water. Some of the beneficial minerals in bentonite clay include potassium and calcium. This clay is widely known for its detoxification properties.

    One of the first uses of Bentonite was recorded in its use to remove oil from wool. Throughout the years, the uses have expanded and in 1920 bentonite was used to bond molding sands in the industry of casting. It’s incredible bonding properties contribute to the clay’s ability to bond with internal and external toxins in our bodies and remove them.

    French Green Clay is full of both magnesium and iron which are both responsible for the beautiful green color of the clay. The Soviet Union put this clay in chocolate bars after the meltdown of a nuclear power plant and gave them freely to citizens as a way to remove radiation from those who were exposed to it after the disaster. This clay has a powerful ability to not only remove toxic substances, bacteria or metals from your body but can boost your immune system as well as balance the body’s pH. In addition to removing radiation from our bodies, French Green Clay has also shown to remove lead, arsenic, and mercury.


    Because of the detoxifying properties of both these oils, be sure to stay hydrated when using this product. Water will help your body in its effort to wash away toxins. Below, we have instructions on how to use this clay combination as a detoxifying face mask, however, this is not it’s only use.



    How to use the DETOXIFYING Mask & Camellia Moisturizer:

    1.  Mix 1 tsp Detoxifying Clay with 1 tsp of filtered water into a small wooden or glass dish. *Avoid using metal with this clay as it will decrease its effectiveness

    2.  Apply mixture to your entire face or use as a spot treatment on troubled areas.

    3. Let dry for 10 minutes (do not leave on longer than 15 minutes)
    then rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel.

    4. Once your face is completely dry, moisturize with 1/4 pipette of Camellia Oil (or carrier oil of your choice) using upward circular motions. Do not rinse.



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    Here at Jade Bloom, we pride ourselves on proving people with natural products that can change their lives for the better.  We wish you the best in Health, Healing, & Happiness®.  Together, we can change the way people think about their health.

    You will love the detoxifying benefits of Bentonite and French Green Clay

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