Car Vent Diffuser Clip

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    Car Vent Diffuser Clip with 4 Felt Pads

      • This Car Vent Diffuser Clip comes with 4 replaceable felt pads and is as beautiful as it is well made. Simply apply a few drops of your desired essential oil or blend of essential oils to the felt pads provided and clip to the air vent of your car. This can also be attached to air vents in the home. There is a hinge on the side of the circular face that allows it to be opened up and the colored pads to be switched out. Its simple design means no fussy contraptions to deal wth in the car and it will last a lifetime. You can clip this diffuser wherever you'd like-- onto the air vents of bedrooms in your home, your office or even clipped to a personal desktop fan! 

    You will love this Car Vent Diffuser Clip for your car or home!