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Explore Box Gift Set

Boxed Gift Set of 5 Essential Oils + 1 Carrier Oil & 1 Rollerball Bottle

Our Explore Pack includes our 5 most popular selling essential oils in our full-size 10ml bottles: Bulgarian Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Lemon, and Tea Tree. If you're new to Jade Bloom this product is a great way to sample and discover the quality of 100% pure Jade Bloom Oils.

Here is what you get with the STARTER PACK:

Jade Bloom Oils

1 Bottle of Lavender - From Bulgaria

*The Lavender included in this set can be interchanged depending on availability

1 Bottle of Frankincense - From India

1 Bottle of Peppermint - From India

1 Bottle of Lemon - From Spain

1 Bottle of Tea Tree - From Australia

ade Bloom Carrier Oil

1 Bottle of Jojoba Carrier Oil 


Additional Item

1 Empty Jade Roller Ball Bottle


100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil (Pharma Grade)

  • Scientific name: Citrus Limonum
  • Oil origin: Fruit Peel
  • Extraction: Cold pressed
  • Aroma: Fresh, citrus, bright
  • Odor strength: Very high
  • Evaporation: Top Note
  • Quantity: 10ml

This lemon oil complies with BP requirements making this oil and the highest quality lemon essential oil in the world.

Lemon is indigenous to Southeast Asia, but in the second century was introduced to Greece, then Italy, where it quickly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. It is now widely cultivated in Italy, Australia, and California. Christopher Columbus introduced the citrus to the New World in the late 1400s.  This oil is popular in cleaning agents and colognes and is widely used in aromatherapy. 

Lemon essential oil works well on oily skin and general impurities. It’s astringent properties reduce cellulite, obesity and tightens sagging, lackluster skin. It helps with acne, mouth ulcers, varicose veins, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, joint swelling, poor circulation, throat and respiratory ailments, and gout. Lemon essential oil also boosts the immune system by clearing lymphatic congestion, preventing contagious illnesses. The scent of lemon essential oil was shown to be anxiolytic, meaning it works to reduce anxiety and uplift mood. Studies have also shown lemon essential oil to be conducive to memory retention and focus.

Lemon essential oil antirheumatic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, astringent, bactericidal, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, hypotensive, antifungal, insecticide, tonic, immune stimulant, antiviral, and anxiolytic.


100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

  • Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia
  • Oil origin: Flowers
  • Extraction: Steam distillation
  • Aroma: Floral, sweet
  • Odor strength: Medium
  • Evaporation: Middle note
  • Quantity: 10ml


*Please note: Box packaging for this set indicates Kashmir Lavender and has been substituted with the beautifully floral and well-loved Bulgarian Lavender. Lavender has been associated with purity and cleanliness since its infancy with the etymology stemming from lavare “to wash.” Contemporary aromatherapy as we know it today is invariably intertwined with lavender. The French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefos was in his lab when he accidentally burned himself badly. With no time to waste, he submerged his hand into the closest liquid to him, lavender oil.  Astonished at the rate of recovery and minimal scarring from the burn, Rene began to study essential oils and applied oils on soldiers during World War I. 

Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin without dilution. Lavender oil is the go-to essential oil and one of the most popular essential oils in the world.


100% Pure Peppermint  Essential Oil

  • Scientific name: Mentha piperita
  • Oil origin: Herb
  • Extraction: Steam distillation
  • Aroma: Sweet, sharp, minty
  • Odor strength: Very high
  • Evaporation: Top note
  • Quantity: 10ml

 Our Peppermint Essential Oil is the highest quality peppermint oil in the world and Jade Bloom's signature oil. It differs from most peppermint oils in that it contains a higher menthofuran content which accounts for its sweeter smell. You won't find a higher quality essential oil anywhere.  Check our GC/MS test & Certificate of Analysis by clicking on the "Certifications" tab.

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most widely used and versatile essential oils in the world. It has an unmistakable minty scent that is wonderful to incorporate in countless applications. Peppermint is autochthonous to Europe, a hybrid between watermint and spearmint, and has naturalized itself across the globe, spanning from the United States to Australia to India. India accounts for over 75% of the world’s production.   The essential oil is commonly used in dental applications, shampoos, soaps, aromatherapy, insect repellent formulations, and food flavorings.

The pain relieving properties of peppermint oil are well documented as it imparts a cooling sensation upon application, effectively numbing pain. Not only does it reduce the physical discomfort of pain but it actively works to heal the wound itself, as it contains anti-inflammatory compounds. This property makes peppermint oil useful for headaches and migraines as well as sore muscles and arthritic joints. 

Peppermint essential oil contains powerful disinfectant properties which are can be applied in a variety of applications. When a few drops of peppermint oil are added to a toothbrush or mouthwash it cleanses the mouth and leaves the breath refreshingly crisp. Studies have proven that those who use peppermint oil in dental care have fewer cavities. Peppermint oil can also be a natural substitute for bleach and other harmful chemicals and used to used to clean countertops and bathrooms alike, purging unwanted bacteria and microbes.

Peppermint oil stimulates the circulation of blood flow, delivering necessary nutrients throughout the body, therefore it is commonly used in shampoos and hair formulas for those suffering from alopecia. You can simply add a few drops into your shampoo or hair formulation to reap the benefits. It is also considered antiviral and is particularly effective against the herpes virus. Jade Bloom recommends diffusing peppermint oil throughout the air for a refreshing aroma with the added benefits of cleansing the air from bacteria and viruses.


100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil

Scientific name: Boswellia Serrata

Oil origin: Tree, resin

Extraction: Steam distillation

Aroma: Balsamic, spicy

Odor strength: Very high

Evaporation: Middle Note

Frankincense has been used since antiquity with references of the treasured resin bestowed to Jesus by the three wise men. It is grown primarily in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and India. We offer the Indian variety, Boswellia Serrata. It has a thinner consistency and spicier scent than it’s sister varieties (carterii, frereana, etc). It is considered an extremely oil.

Frankincense essential oil is renown for its ability to decrease visible signs of aging by acting as an astringent (tightening the skin and promoting a supple youthful appearance) and promoting cellular regeneration. It’s strongly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, making this essential oil a must have. 

Frankincense essential oil has demonstrated the ability to strengthen the immune system by producing surplus T-Lymphocytes (White blood cells) and stimulating the lymphatic system. Various studies have shown frankincense essential oil to be effective at reducing the rate of tumor growth.


100% Pure Tea Tree (Australian) Essential Oil

  • Scientific name: Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Oil origin: Tree, leaves
  • Extraction: Steam distillation
  • Aroma: Sharp, medicinal, camphoraceous
  • Odor strength: Very high
  • Evaporation: Top note
  • Quantity: 10ml

Tea tree is popular essential oil that traces its origin to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. For over a millennium the leaves have been applied as a disinfectant and antifungal agent. The plant's medicinal properties remained a secret to the world until the 1920’s when Australia chemist, Dr. Arthur Penfold, began investigating its antiseptic properties. During World War II the Australian government made tea tree oil part of first aid kits.

Tea tree essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and disinfectant compounds which treat insect bites, blemishes, burns, skin ailments, infected wounds, bruises, lice, and dandruff. It is considered antiviral as well.


100% Pure Jojoba Carrier Oil

Botanical name: Simmondsia Chinensis

Extraction method: Cold Pressed 

Jojoba oil (liquid ester wax), is native to California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico. In the 1700’s Native Americans used the oil and seeds for treating sores, cuts, bruises, and burns; as a skin conditioner, for soothing windburn and sunburn; as a cooking oil; and as a hair or scalp restorer.

A distinguishing property of Jojoba is the inherent structure of the oil, which resembles the sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands on our scalp, making jojoba more similar to human sebum than to traditional vegetable oils. Sebum acts as a moisturizer for dry scalp. Jojoba oil, having a similar structure, helps in maintaining the required level of moisturizer in the scalp. The regular use of this oil gives strength to hair by providing moisture, making them free of split-ends and tangles.

Cold pressed Jojoba oil does not become rancid due in part to the presence of Tocopherols (Vitamin E) and primarily because of its wax structure which is never subject to oxidation. It is also full of plant sterols (plant fats) which help to boost the immune system in addition to preventing transepidermal water loss in the skin. Aging is primarily the result of dehydration of the skin, Jojoba oil works to prevent water loss. 

Jojoba oil also helps hair growth by acting as a solubilizing (dissolving) agent and disbands the sticky build-up, diffusing through the follicles - this allows for hair growth without blockage. There are six general attributes which allow for optimal oil absorption into the skin, all of which cold pressed Jojoba oil possesses: Low viscosity, high unsaturation, low saponification number, short carbon chain length, low lecithin (Jojoba oil has no lecithin), straight-chain molecule, and branched esters.

Jojoba oil is characterized as having 50% of its content as unsaponifiable while other vegetable oils contain only 2-3%. Applying unsaponifiable oil to the skin improves elastin formation, which makes skin and hair lustrous and increases elasticity. Jojoba works to disinfect, stimulate skin cell regeneration, halt inflammation, antimicrobial, antibacterial, improve elasticity, heal sunburn, heal acne, promote hair growth, heal dermatitis, heal eczema, strengthen hair follicles, add lustrous shine to hair, improve skin complexion, adds suppleness to the skin, minimize facial lines, balance oil production, maintain moisture in the skin.

This refined Jojoba oil is odorless and colorless and acts as a great carrier oil for other essential oils that require dilution.

You won't find a higher quality Boxed Gift Set of Essential Oils for Beginners anywhere

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Love this kit
Jul 24, 2018
I love this kit!!!
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Verified Buyer
Explore kit
May 20, 2018
This is great! All the basic oils in one kit and Jojoba is a wonderful carrier! I love it.
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Verified Buyer
Great starter
May 17, 2018
This is the perfect starter kit.
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Perfect Gift Set
May 16, 2018
I purchased this as a gift. The recipient loved it. It is so beautifully presented and contains the basics and explains what they are good for too. It would be an excellent option for somebody who may be open to trying other brands...to see what Jade Bloom has to offer. It would be a great gift to anyone other than a child, really....
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Verified Buyer
May 9, 2018
If you are new to EO and Jade Bloom, this pack is a great way to start! These oils are also favorite staples of mine!!
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Lovely and Inspiring
May 9, 2018
These oils are a perfect selection for beginning an exploration into the world of aromatherapy. An appropriate and welcome gift for males or females of any age.
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Verified Buyer
Perfect gift.
May 5, 2018
I purchased this as a gift for this up-coming Mother’s Day. I opened it and checked out it’s contents first (of course). It’s beautifully packaged. It contains all the basics. Well-chosen oils. You or the recipient also gets a rollerball with a carrier oil and instructions on how to dilute the essential oils! It’s a very nicely-done kit. I think presentation matters when gift-giving. I think she will like it!
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Verified Buyer
Apr 26, 2018
Perfect name for this set. Thank you JB!
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Verified Buyer
Dec 10, 2017
i Love this set.i like to give it as gift .
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Verified Buyer
Nov 25, 2017
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