Master Plan Part 2

One CEO’s Crazy Ideas Of How New Technologies Will Usher In The Natural Health Revolution


Adam Wilkinson, Jade Bloom CEO

This blog serves as follow-up guidance to our Master Plan blog I published 14 months ago.  I’m happy to report that we have accomplished all 3 forward-looking milestones I outlined in our educational centric masterplan which included: Jade Bloom University, The Official Oil Guide, and Chataroma.


Master Plan

  This Master Plan Part 2 provides guidance of how we will use emerging technologies to help usher in the Natural Health Revolution.

Jade Bloom exists to change the way people think about health.  What we mean by that is we want every individual to be empowered with the knowledge to pursue the absolute best course of action for preventative and corrective medicine.  Sometimes the best course of action involves prescription drugs, but we believe this corrective action is often overused and should be considered the alternative medicine.  Most ailments currently being addressed in our society today could be prevented if the individual had the knowledge and motivational framework to do so.



In-Person Learning

In August of last year, we launched a pilot retail store in Utah with the primary goal to test a model of free in-person learning.  Jade Bloom’s products are a small part of our identity and serve as a vehicle to further our mission of lowering the cost and barriers to educating people about the best pursuits for their health.  Currently, we provide free Yoga at that location, and the costs we incur are covered by the sale of our products.  We plan on introducing a free nutrition class soon and we will expand the learning into every wellness related science as the model supports.



We launched this online learning platform this month with the same objective as our In-Person Learning model, but with the utilization of the best technologies currently available to connect licensed and certified wellness practitioners to users via video chat through the Internet.  Currently, Chataroma has contracted with 15 Aromatherapists with varying levels of education, experience, and scheduling so that any essential oil user can build a relationship of trust with those most qualified to give advice on essential oils.

As the platform grows and gains adoption, Chataroma will be a one-stop platform for users to instantly chat with a dietician, health coach, nutritionist, yoga instructor, breathing coach, meditation specialist, chiropractor, midwife, physical therapist, life coach, or naturopathic doctor.

Our strategy to launch the platform specific to connecting certified aromatherapists to essential oil users is based on what Jade Bloom is currently most known for, essential oils.  However, our registered trademark “Health, Healing, & Happiness” embodies our long-term vision of the platform.

You can help us move this critical component of our Master Plan to the next step by testing the platform for yourself and recommending it to your friends.  It’s free to try and does not require a credit card.  Visit our website at


Internet of Things

IOT - “The Internet of Things”

This acronym is relatively new, but the importance it will play in every industry is unanimous by industry experts.  This emerging technology is much more than connecting devices to the Internet.  Anything IOT related carries the notion that connected devices will aggregate useful data and create new value with the consumption of that data.

Jade Bloom intends to be an industry leader with the IOT and we are currently exploring many use cases that will help us take incremental steps towards changing the way people think about health.  As we develop proof of concepts, we will invite Jade Bloomers to try and test the usefulness of these projects.

As hardware technologies improve in the consumer markets, such as the Apple Watch, one example, of how the IOT can bring awareness and adoption of natural solutions would involve aggregating users health data from essential oil users and compare that data to the broader population.  An IOT device could also track and compare an individuals’ health metrics and contrast the improvements over time as that individual finds better solutions in natural medicine when compared to former behaviors.

Undoubtedly, there are many unknown applications of this developing technology that will provide dramatic advancements to the way people think about health and Jade Bloom stands to be at the forefront of those integrations.



 IOTA - Next Generation Cryptocurrency

If you have made a purchase on Jade Bloom in the past month, it’s likely you’ve seen the payment option IOTA on our checkout page.  Like Bitcoin, IOTA provides the ability to digitally transfer value, but unlike Bitcoin, it is so much more than a store of value or a fiat currency.  Commonly dubbed as “blockchainless” distributed ledger technology, IOTA could provide a “trustless” system that the supply chain in our industry desperately needs.

3 reasons why I think you should care about IOTA with regards to Jade Bloom

  1. You can access environmental sensor data for the crops used in distilling each specific bottle of essential oil and trust that the data is accurate and immutable. 
  2. Customers will enjoy decreased checkout time and increased convenience for orders placed on Jade Bloom’s website or app using IOTA.
  3. Save an additional 5% on every order.  We plan on passing back the fees charged by banks to accept traditional credit cards for any order you place using IOTA.  When the IOTA foundation releases the Trinity Wallet mobile app, I will provide an update on how you can do this.

The advancements we have made in cryptography and the use cases of distributed ledger technologies are very exciting and extremely complicated.  IOTA is currently best positioned to provide the foundational framework for the IOT and the current adoption rate by large corporations and governments indicate that it could prove to be an International standard.  I don’t intend on trying to explain cryptography in this blog, nor am I proposing that Jade Bloomers dive into the volatile and controversial cryptocurrency markets.  However, here are the main reason why I am including IOTA in our Master Plan Part 2:

  1. IOTA provides an immutable and distributed framework for transferring data and value.  That means data cannot be changed or tampered with.  So long hackers!
  2. The “Tangle,” aka IOTA’s “blockchainless” distributed ledger, scales faster with increasing volume and is completely fee-free.  Miners are not required.
  3. Environmental sensors we would need to revolutionize the essential oil industry already exist and work seamlessly with IOTA’s “Tangle.”
  4. The cryptographic proof of work needed to confirm a transaction on the “Tangle” requires very little electricity when compared to blockchain technologies like Bitcoin.  Greener solutions are our friend.
  5. IOTA is quantum immune and is resilient to cryptographic hacking that is theoretically possible with the next generation of computers.

While there is a tremendous amount of room for speculation of the future of distributed ledger technologies, the one thing we are certain about is the technology is here to stay.  Jade Bloom will continue to watch the development and adoption of this technology and integrate it into our ecosystem inasmuch as it helps us move closer to changing the way people think about health.



It’s an exciting time to be alive and to be part of this 20-year long vision of helping every individual get the absolute best information and recommendations for preventative and corrective medicine.  Jade Bloom would not exist without you and we cannot accomplish our vision without you.  Thank you Jade Bloomers for believing in what we stand for and for deciding to take this amazing journey with us.


Adam Wilkinson

Jade Bloom, Inc