Meet Team Member Kai Bordenave



In the relatively short time that Kai has been working for us, she has proven to be capable of literally anything we throw her way. She’s always at the ready with a smile on her face and a “Good morning!”. She’s quick to laugh, but not in a disingenuous way — She has the type of infectious laugh that can be heard a few rooms over, and when you’re lucky enough to induce it, makes you feel like you’ve earned some sort of prize. With impeccable taste in both music and vintage clothes, she’s cool, but not too cool for you— Her down-to-earth energy is apparent within seconds of meeting her. Her attention to detail, innovative ideas on how to save time and improve existing systems, resolute work ethic, and BEAUTIFUL penmanship make her an indispensable asset to our little tight-knit Jade Bloom Family.

What is your favorite Jade Bloom product, and why?
My favorite JB products would have to be our Witch Hazel, Ylang Ylang, Bulgarian Lavender and Frankincense because they keep my skin looking GREAT! 

What do you do in your spare time? What do you wish you could do in your spare time?
When it is Spring and Summer, I camp a lot and explore the outdoors; when it is Fall and Winter,
I paint and do lots of DIY projects for my home. I wish I could write poetry in my spare time-- I’ve had writer’s block for a good year now.


Tell us your best CLEAN joke.
What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?


Complete this sentence: “There are two types of people in this world; there are people who _____ and there are people who ______.

There are two types of people in this world; there are people who know the answers and there are people who copy and paste from google.


☻Why are natural products important to you?

Natural products are important to me because I have very sensitive skin; using harsh chemicals on
it makes it even worse. I also get to improve mental health with natural products opposed to numbing
myself with prescribed medication thinking I’m improving myself.

If you could have a meal with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would be on the menu?
The Lumineers, we’d eat what bands eat when they’re on tour, so cold pizza and cereal?

Favorite quote from your favorite movie. GO!

“The extreme seems to make an impression.” - Heathers 1988

What is something you’re exceptional at? What is something you’re dreadful at?

I’m exceptional at planning events and decorating for them.
I’m dreadful at speaking to large groups of people; I get the worst cold sweats.

Jade Bloom’s mission is to deliver Health, Healing, and Happiness to as many people as possible.
What is YOUR mission statement?
Be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, always do your best and be skeptical, but learn to listen.