Jade Bloom Update: Enhancements in Quality, New Products, and Education

Update from our President

Perfection is in the details

After almost our first year in business I would like to provide an update to the Jade Bloom family on our black caps and euro dropper tops, new products we are manufacturing, and The Jade Bloom University.

Our greatest struggle this year came from sourcing the right caps and euro tops for our oils.  As I mentioned in my last letter to you, the quality of our 100% pure essential oils has become our obsession, and surpassing the 100,000 bottle mark in less than a year was a celebration with the whole Jade Bloom family and an indication of where we are heading as a company.

We have adopted the stance this year that perfection is in the details and where we control all aspects of the quality of the oils we manufacture, we do not have the same control over the manufacturing of the bottles, caps, and euro tops we use for our oils.  We have sourced dozens of samples from different companies this year and much of our effort has been finding the right supplier for the caps and euro dropper tops that represent the same quality of our oils.  We have seen droppers that pour the oil too fast or too slow, which is a difficult balance to find with varying viscosities of oils.  We have seen black caps that create a red dye effect when coming in contact with our oils.  We have seen euro droppers that don't fit well into the caps increasing the chance that the bottle will leak during shipping.

The main purpose of my letter to you is to share the great news that we have solved all of these issues and not only has every bottle that has left our warehouse this past week included the new euro tops and black caps, but we have been working over time to replace the caps and euro tops for 75,000 bottles we are currently holding in our inventory.

Please accept my personal gratitude for your patience during these growing pains and allowing us to quickly resolve any issues you may have had with your orders.  InEVERY case, we have made good on our Double Guarantee and even worked personally with many of you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your orders from Jade Bloom.

Secondly, we recently announced 3 new types of products that Jade Bloom is manufacturing that we are hoping for a release date some time this year.  All of these products will be infused with our essential oils and we plan to expand each of these product lines shortly after our initial launch.  They are a toothpaste, a body cream, and a vitamin supplement.  We are still perfecting the formulations for each of these and we won't release them until they are ready.

Lastly, many of you discovered Jade Bloom as seasoned essential oil users.  If you are an expert with essential oils then it is much easier for you, than it is for a new user, to try and compare the quality of our 100% pure essential oils to other brands you may have used in the past.  Most of our growth as a company has come from seasoned essential oil users.  We are very interested to helping educate more people on the health and healing benefits of essential oils and much of our efforts and investment in 2016 will be expended towards helping non-essential oil users have their first experience with essential oils.  We are working on a free educational video series that will help both new essential oil users and expert essential oil users increase their knowledge and ability to successfully incorporate safe daily essential oil usage in their lives.  This will be set up in a very fun learning format that will offer something new for everyone, including free loyalty points and free oils as you progress in your knowledge through these structured courses.

Thank you again for all your support.  We wouldn't be where we are today without you.  We look forward to re-earning your business EVERY time you return to Jade Bloom :).


Stephanie Wilkinson
Jade Bloom