Jade Bloom's Commitment to Quality: A Letter from the President

Dear Customer, 

As the President of Jade Bloom, I want to personally reach out to you and thank you for being part of the Jade Bloom family, and for placing your trust in our products as a place you turn for health and healing.  The purpose of this letter is to provide you with some background of our company's mission, ask for your forgiveness in areas that we have failed, and extend our resolute commitment to reparation and perfection.

As a mother, I know what it means to want to give your children the very best, and it was on this premise that the foundation of our company was laid years ago in search of the most natural ways to forever bless the lives of those around me.  Essential oils are amazingly complex and powerful natural compounds that I believe were given to us by mother nature.  I use them daily for myself and for my family, as you most likely do too, and our lives are much better for it.  Jade Bloom's mission is to provide healing to the entire world through the earth's natural resources.  This is a gift we believe should be available to all and not only to those that can afford it. 

In our search for affordable natural healing we learned that there are many companies willing to provide quality products at inflated prices.  Even though essential oils have been around for centuries, much of our world is just discovering them for the first time.  As essential oils become more mainstream, we believe we will begin to see more companies join us in our mission and we welcome their efforts.  The mission of Jade Bloom will always be to provide the highest quality products for our health and beauty without breaking the bank.

Most of us live on a budget that requires us to sacrifice and eliminate the "wants" out of our lifestyle when money gets tight.  Even though our health should always be considered a "need" instead of a "want", if the price we are paying for our preventive care is costing us too much, then unfortunately we all tend to cut these costs to make way for our more immediate needs.  We believe we have solved this dilemma, but we have learned that our solution must have perfect balance to earn and retain your trust.

How can we provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices on the market?  To date, our focus, investment, passion, and perhaps even pure obsession has been placed in manufacturing 100% pure essential oils.  We visit the farms and sample their produce before committing to purchase their crops.  And then we revisit and retest those crops to ensure we are getting the highest quality, non-GMO, organic raw plants and seeds for our distillation.  We seek out the best indigenous locations worldwide for each new oil we set out to produce to ensure the compounds in each bottle have the highest healing effects on our bodies.  We adhere to the best practices of distillation with our times and temperatures with each new oil.  When it's all said and done we test and re-test the batch to ensure that we have produced the highest quality oil available.

In our research of our industry we discovered there were many areas we could cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the oil and then pass these savings back to you in the form of lower prices, loyalty points, frequent sales and promotions, and even referral programs.  In our cost cutting efforts we have also learned that sometimes we fail, and even though the quality of our oil is not compromised, the trust you place in our company could be.  Personally I want to address 3 of those areas in this letter that we have identified and corrected: the catalog, our euro tops and caps, and our rollerballs.

For months we have been receiving requests from our customers to produce a catalog to make it easier to share Jade Bloom with their friends and family.  Although we pushed back in the beginning on this request because of the additional expense, the demand continued to grow and we discovered that those interested in a catalog would be willing to help us cover this additional expense.  In our excitement to make this available we admit that we went to print too soon and even though we have a catalog that is usable and contains most of the information we would like, it is filled with errors that should have been corrected before rushing a final copy to the printer.  I take full responsibility for this and sincerely apologize.  We have 27 new oils that we are ecstatic to add to the Jade Bloom lineup over the next 30 days and we are working on adding them to our revised catalog.  We expect to have a revised version available for sale soon. 

Our euro tops provide a very convenient way to extract drops of oil from our bottles, but we have discovered that it can also be very frustrating as the consistency of the oil changes or with manufacturing differences in the tops themselves.  Currently, we source these products from other companies and we have been testing multiple styles that can provide the best universal fit for our differing oil consistencies.  This is a work in progress for us.  We just placed a new order for 30,000 euro droppers and black caps that we believe will work the best so far with everything we have tested.  Just as with our catalog, we might not get it right the first time, but we won't give up until we reach perfection while maintaining the delicate balance of cutting costs.

Lastly, a few months ago we introduced a roller ball option for many of our oils and for the most part we have received very positive feedback on this.  We have, however, had a few complaints about the medical grade plastic ball dislodging from the casing which causes the oil to leak quickly from the bottle.  We have just sourced 10,000 pure glass roller ball tops that we have tested and will be using in place of the ones we currently use.  We believe these are a higher quality ball and we're excited to replace them.


Thank you for your orders.  Thank you for your trust.  Thank you for your forgiveness.  We don't take any of it for granted and we want you to know that we are fully committed and engaged in our mission for health and healing.


Sincerely Yours,


Stephanie Wilkinson


Jade Bloom

W8 Distributing Inc