Letter From CEO Regarding Masterplan In Education

We have many exciting new developments happening at Jade Bloom and I personally wanted to reach out to you and let you know what we have been working on for you.  Also, if you have a moment, I'd like to share a little of the vision behind Jade Bloom, where we've come from, and where we're going.

Over 2 years ago my wife and I set out to create something special that represented our passions in natural health and healing.  All of our dreams and aspirations have been realized today in what Jade Bloom is providing to you and we plan on expanding our all encompassing trademark of Heath, Healing, and Happiness® into every area of natural health.

In short, Stephanie and I recognized something lacking in the essential oil industry.  There wasn't a single company providing a complete solution that every essential oil user needs: 1) the highest quality 100% pure essential oils, 2) GC/MS testing with full transparency, 3) affordable pricing, 4) a large selection, and 5) proper education.  Again, while we discovered dozens of companies that addressed at least one of these needs, there wasn't a single company that provided a complete solution.

It all started in the fresh mountain air on a small family farm in the Kashmir region of the Himalayan mountains.  We were saddened when the father of this family farm passed away last year, but we were encouraged to see how his legacy lives on through the growing and harvesting of the unique and rare Lavender that we sourced for our very first distilled oil offered by Jade Bloom in August of 2014.  Our Kashmir Lavender remains our number one selling oil today and it is used in many of our blends that give them their unique properties.

In addition to our Kashmir Lavender on that opening day of Jade Bloom, we also offered Australian Tea Tree, Spanish Lemon, and Indian Peppermint to our very first Jade Bloom customers.  It took our first 10 months of business to add our 10,000th member to the Jade Bloom family and to ship our 100,000th bottle; today we are adding 10,000 new members every month as more people begin to discover how Jade Bloom addresses the 5 needs I mentioned above.

As part of our commitment to provide a large selection of oils to our customers, we continue to seek out the best known indigenous locations for each new oil we are interested in sourcing.  As of this writing, we have 87 different single oils available on our site and these additional 20 oils will be released soon, bringing our total to 107 singles, 40 blends, and 39 carriers: Ho Wood, Hydacheim, Hyssop, Lavandin, Mace, Mandarin, Mimosa, Onion, Palmarosa, Pennyroyal, Petitgrain, Pimento Leaf, Savory, Siam Wood, Tarragon, Thuja, Tomar Seed, Valerian, and Yarrow Blue.

We have 3 phases to our master plan that we are rolling out to provide the best available education.  Many of you have already participated in our first phase by enrolling at www.JadeBloomUniversity.com.  The University contains about 40 videos divided across 4 courses of learning.  We will be providing some bonus courses soon that include some of our newly released oils as well as a course designed for our affiliates.

Our 2nd phase is a redesigned Uses Guide which we will release as an all-inclusive mobile app for iOS and Android that includes every essential oil known to man, a section dedicated to ailments, and a recipe section.  The intuitive design and search functionality will allow you to quickly locate any oil and how to safely use it.  This app is already designed for you and we are very excited to get it into your hands.  We are aggressively adding content and will submit it to the app stores once it is complete.

The 3rd phase of our educational master plan fills the need that individual essential oil users have in personalized and customized solutions.  We understand that not everyone responds the same way to essential oils and while the natural constituents of one essential oil will work for one person, they don't work for another person.  Also, we know you have questions from time to time about essential oils with medications, pets, children, etc.  As such, we are building an app that gives you the ability to initiate a live video chat with a Certified Aromatherapist whenever you want and wherever you want.  We are calling this platform 'chataroma' and it will fill a need in the market for both Certified Aromatherapists and essential oil users.

Lastly, I would like you to know how grateful I am for our vocal community of Jade Bloomers.  If you have a problem, we hear about it and I'm thankful for that.  If you like something, you tell us and we share it around the office.  If you have a suggestion, I listen to you and those suggestions often make it into our weekly team meetings.  So I would like to extend this formal invitation for you to share any feedback you have.  You may write to me personally or to our customer service team.  I don't have the ability to always respond to every personal email I get, so if you require a response please reach out to our customer service team; they are awesome and they LOVE to hear from you.


Adam Wilkinson
CEO, Jade Bloom Inc