A Message from Our CEO: Jade Bloom’s Exciting Move to a New Location

A Message from Our CEO: Jade Bloom’s Exciting Move to a New Location

Jade Bloom is celebrating its 10th year next month! 


Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, heavenly birthdays/anniversaries, sentimental reminders and changes in general can fill us with such a wide range of emotions. I love the movie Inside Out and the fun way it educates on the need to feel and express our emotions. I went to see Inside Out 2 for my birthday this summer and, personally, really appreciated the character of Anxiety. I know her well. 


I’ve been feeling that a bit lately with all of the change. It was a good reminder to me that Joy & Sadness go together & Anxiety has its place but keeping us in fear, in survival mode and hyper-fixated on preventing catastrophe isn’t a healthy state of being. 


The last year for me has meant massive change, adaptation, lessons, choice in how to show up… it’s had me reflecting on each moments’ emotions and what they can bring. Some big life events over the past year…


-We said goodbye (for now)to our forever foreign exchange student/family member when she went back to Spain.

-We got a puppy born on 7/4/23 (1 year ago!)

-Dedicated huge action into the big dream of expanding our wellness center (more later).

-Our first college graduate! Kiddos growing and embracing their big beautiful lives.

-A fire that destroyed our RV for family & business rental along with our home and personal items (everyone was safe!)

-Moving to a new city while we rebuild our home.

-Taking in family experiencing extreme disability and health adjustments.

-Connecting with inspiring business partners & opening the new sister company soon, Evolve Wellness Collective, to provide the in-person body, mind and soul healing we all need.

-News of family having a brain tumor and all that goes with that - having the ability to pause and be there for them, connect with family and see her miraculous recovery.

-Got to travel to Germany (for the 1st & hopefully not last time)- explore, learn & see that I can heal - I was terrified to leave my kids at all after the fire, let alone leave the country!


The ones on my heart today, both heavy & uplifting: 

-Preparing to say thank you & goodbye to Jade Bloom’s home over the past 10 years.

-Finding a new home for Jade Bloom & our amazing, growing team. 

-Expanding our business offerings for our products and supporting other business owners. 


10 years ago my family moved into the house that burned down this year. The house my babies grew up in, where we held our treasures and countless memories.

We came together, are stronger, will rebuild, accepted support and hope to give more of it out, know we will be ok and are excited for life’s future changes & adventures. 


10 years ago we started Jade Bloom. Our babies grew up in the building we now prepare to leave. Our kids have worked there with us, held teen open mics and outreach events. Had baby showers and birthday celebrations there. The walls are covered with growth charts (our kids and our employees!) 


I hope you’ve enjoyed our beautiful space with us. So many have walked in, let out a sigh of relief and said “I feel so at peace here”. Thank you for being part of our journey. For sharing your time and energy with us. We appreciate you more than words can convey.


We are planning a 10 year anniversary celebration & hope you’ll join us in whatever way works for you, if local or afar. 


Goodbye to the space but not the growth & unforgettable memories. Hello and welcome to a new home for Jade Bloom. A place where we can welcome the uncertainty of life with a sense of peace, set anxiety aside and feel comfortable in the knowing that joy and sadness can both exist together, that beauty and love are everywhere and the changes in life always create room for growth and appreciation. 


Please follow along with us in our celebrations and ongoing adventures!


-Stephanie Wilkinson

CEO and Owner of Jade Bloom Essential Oils