Beard Oil - Black Pepper Blend

Beard Oil - Black Pepper Blend

SAMPLE Aloe Remineralizing Tube Toothpaste - Peppermint - 10 ML

SAMPLE Aloe Remineralizing Tube Toothpaste - Peppermint - 10 ML

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Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Beard Oil - Black Pepper Blend

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Beard Oil - Black Pepper Blend

Ingredients: Argan, Amla, Black Pepper, Clary Sage & White Spruce - 2 oz pipette 


1. Moisturizes skin
2. Softens facial hair
3. Acts as a styling tool
4. Deep aroma acts as a natural cologne 


Let’s be real. Chicks dig a little stubble on that chiseled jaw of yours. But I get it. I can hear your voices already, “But bro, it’s itchyyyyy.” A VALID POINT INDEED! Here’s the deal though, it doesn’t have to be. I present to you the Black Pepper Beard Oil.

Lather a little bit of this liquid aphrodisiac on your face every day to help moisturize your rough exterior and become a little more Nick Offerman, less Itchy and Scratchy show.

Ladies, I hear you too. Do you love his beard but hate the fact that you can still smell the garlic bread he ate 3 days ago on his face? Big yikes.

See if he’ll give this stuff a try. Before long, he’ll be using it every day! It’ll smell great and look less like a Venus flytrap for the food that doesn’t quite make it into his mouth.

Love always, The Jade Bloom Men

How To Use:

-Apply after a warm shower so pores are open & hair is clean

-Dry the beard fully

-Add 3-5 drops to your palms then rub hands together

-Massage into beard & mustache then use a comb to disperse evenly

-Repeat daily






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