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All Natural Sunscreen SPF 27+

Plant Based - Paraben Free - Gluten Free - SLS Free - REEF SAFE


100% All Natural & It Works!

  • Blocks harmful UVA & UVB rays with an SPF of 27+
  • Water resistant & easy to apply
  • Nourishes & moisturizes — your skin will thank you 
  • Made from natural ingredients that don’t compromise quality


Sunscreens in general, as well as the specific ingredients used in the production of them, have been the subject of a lot of discussion and controversy over the last decade. While it’s generally agreed upon that chemical sunscreens have short-term as well as long-term health risks, more companies are utilizing mineral ingredients in their sunscreen formulations.

While most sunscreens claim to use either mineral barriers or chemical barriers in their formulations, seeing the words “Mineral Ingredients” on a label is not an automatic indicator of its efficacy or safety. Even sunscreens that boast their use of “Natural Mineral Ingredients” on their label will more often than not use harmful chemicals in conjunction with those minerals in the interest of either boosting their SPF or lengthening the formulations shelf life.

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When selecting a sunscreen that’s right for you and your family, it’s important to consider the following:

-Typically, sunscreens on the market currently use 1 method of filtration of UV rays: Chemical and Mineral. They are vastly different from one another, and generally, mineral sunscreens are considered the safer option.

-More than half of the commercial sunscreens that are allowed to be on shelves here in the US would never make it to market in most European countries due to the more stringent standards overseas regarding UV protection.

-As indicated by the recent Environmental Working Group (EWG) study, 72% of sunscreens tested contained either inadequate or falsely advertised) sun protection or contained ingredients considered harmful by the FDA.  ( )

-16% of sunscreens advertised as “Sport” sunscreens contained Retinyl Palmitate, which is a Vitamin A derivative linked to speeding up the growth of cancerous cells by 21%. The inclusion of this ingredient allows companies to put the words “Anti-Aging” on their labels, but the minuscule anti-aging properties of a Vitamin A derivative does not counteract it being a cancer-causing agent.

-65% of non-mineral sunscreens contain oxybenzone, which is especially concerning, as it is an “endocrine disruptor” meaning it leads to the reduction of sperm count in men and endometriosis in women.

-While convenient, spray sunscreens should generally be avoided, as most ingredients used in sunscreens (even mineral sunscreens) are harmful when inhaled. However, mineral sunscreens in lotion form do not pose this risk of airborne mineral inhalation. Mineral sunscreens that do not use micronized or non-nano minerals also do not pose the same risk of unintended absorption. If using a mineral sunscreen, micronized or nano zinc oxide/titanium dioxide should not be used, as those smaller particles can be absorbed into the skin and have been shown to cause damage to the liver, spleen, stomach, and pancreas. )


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While it’s safe to assume that mineral sunscreens are generally a safer bet than chemical filters, it is not safe to assume that all mineral sunscreens are created equal. Titanium Dioxide is a commonly used ingredient in mineral sunscreens and while it protects the user from UVB rays, it doesn’t come close to providing the UVA protection that zinc oxide is able to provide. Non-Nano-Zinc Oxide is widely considered the most effective and safest active sunscreen ingredient when it comes to mineral sunscreen, as it is broad spectrum (meaning it protects from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.)


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As part of our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients, we have decided to utilize non-micronized/non-nano Zinc Oxide as our primary active ingredient in our SHIELD sunscreen.


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REFORMULATED VERSION: Jade Bloom All Natural Sunscreen Ingredients:  Ingredients: Non-nano Zinc Oxide, Red Raspberry Seed (Rubus idaeus L), Carrot Seed Carrier Oil (Daucus Carota), Avocado Oil (Persea Americana), Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Beeswax (Cera alba)

Jojoba, Carrot Seed, Red Rasperry and Avocado oils in our subscreen contribute to the formula’s moisturizing benefits and it’s emollient nature.

We use non-micronized/non-nano Zinc Oxide, as it is the safest broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen ingredient on the market. Our use of non-micronized/non-nano Zinc Oxide ensures that the particles are not too small. This prevents the Zinc Oxide from ever absorbing completely into the skin, which can pose health risks.

So many sunscreens on the market artificially fragrance their formulas with “beachy” scents like bananas or coconuts. As our customers have come to expect, harmful artificial fragrances are not something we’d ever incorporate into our products. For this reason, we do not scent our sunscreen.

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Pleasant smell and coverage is ...
Dec 13, 2023


It leaves skin soft and nourished. For your face you only need a drop or two.


If you use to much on your face it will be very greasy. Less is more with this great sunscreen. You can always apply more if needed.


Pleasant smell and coverage is good.
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Verified Buyer
Yes yes yes!!
May 15, 2019
I was quite dismayed when I received this product and discovered it was sooo pasty. So I tried the mica and was very sceptical when it turned a bright pink colour. Then I gave it a good shake and put it on my face and WOW! It really works! My husband said it makes me look younger.
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Verified Buyer
Great Sunscreen!
May 7, 2019
We used this sunscreen when we went to the Airshow and it was a very hot, sunny day! This sunscreen went on smooth, covered us completely and we didn't have to use a whole lot of sunscreen! None of us got burned that day, which we usually do when we go to the air show every year to see the Blue Angels! (have always used a different sunscreen that is a higher SPF) This sunscreen does not sweat off and is water proof! Kudos to JB for making such a great product!
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Verified Buyer
Returned mine
Nov 13, 2018
This was a thick white paste on you that you can’t rub in evenly and it makes you look like a ghost. We went for a motorcycle ride and I ended up burned. Then when we got home I couldn’t get the white film to come off no matter what I tried washing with. Ended up scraping it off with my fingernails. All the scrubbing to try to get it off left my skin irritated. COMPANY RESPONSE - November 15, 2018 10:21 AM - Hello Trish, we're sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Shield but happy that you were able to return it for a refund. We can see that you made your purchase 13 months ago and thought you would be pleased to know that this product has since been reformulated and we provide an optional tinted version that blends into your skin.
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Verified Buyer
Works Well
Oct 26, 2018
I bought the tinted version and was very satisfied.... I have olive colored skin. it did make my skin slightly lighter than normal... but really was not noticeable. This stuff really works and does not allow you to burn. It also makes your skin soft. I highly recommend!
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Verified Buyer
Only sunscreen I'll use.
Jul 5, 2018
As a cancer survivor, this is the only sunscreen I'll ever use. All natural with zinc.
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Verified Buyer
Sooooo disappointed :(
Jul 4, 2018
I decided to try the Jade Bloom sun screen. I ordered both the "white" and "tinted mica" formulations. I'm sad to say that I literally hate this sunscreen. I used the products on myself and my 5 kids. The white formulations leaves a yucky looking white residue over the skin, especially on someone who is not outright pale. The tinted mica version is almost like makeup, it was so "makeup like" in consistency and color that I could have used 2 coats of this and covered a tattoo (not at all what I was going for). It also leaves a fair skinned person looking PINK, nothing in close to "bronze" or "tan". Both formulations are extremely heavy feeling, literally like a makeup foundation. Both formulations will literally change the color of your skin (either pastey white or Patrick Star pink) in a very unflattering manner. This is the only product ever in my entire time ordering from Jade Bloom I contacted them about returning cause its that bad :( Smell wise, yes its fabulous. That's about the only good comment I have for this product.
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Verified Buyer
Jun 21, 2018
The tinted version is amazing! It’s all natural still but looks normal on your skin!! Amazing! Effective and divine-smelling with beneficial skin ingredients just like the original. A !!!!! Thank you Jade Bloom!!!
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Verified Buyer
Great smell
Jun 19, 2018
Smells great. I have Lupus and have to wear sunscreen with zinc all day everyday even in the winter and indoors. I thought it was just as good as the one I've been using from Dermatologist. It blends in great and I have no residue. I didn't use the tint in mine. Need to use very little.
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Verified Buyer
Feels and smells so good I recommend not tinted see my comments.
Jun 9, 2018
I love this sunscreen. I got it in a combo package with bug spray which is gone already. I only wished I had gotten non tinted. I’m naturally olive toned and the sunscreen tint is pink. Too pink and doesn’t blend in otherwise it’s smell is amazing. And works great stays on the skin even in the water.
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