Custom Jade Bloom Affiliate Business Cards - 250 (Choose your style!)

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***Processing and shipping times for these cards is approximately 2 weeks. These will ship UPS Ground directly to your address on file with your account. The unique Affiliate URL on file with your account is what will be used on the cards. If there are any issues with your link, we will reach out to you via email prior to processing.***


Face-to-Face Marketing becomes a breeze with these Jade Bloom Business Cards. While you can still request a template from us and get your own cards printed from a printing company of your choice, you can also just put in an order directly with us. You'll receive 250 custom cards with your first and last name, as well as your unique Affiliate URL. These are great to drop off with local businesses, or leave with friends and family that you'd like to refer to Jade Bloom. 



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