16 Collectors Club Themed Info / Recipe Cards

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 A convenient way to store a plethora of product information!

These 4x6 inch cards are attached with a metal ring and are full of product information, DIY recipes, Detox challenges and more. This only includes the cards, no essential oils or other products.

The pack of 16 cards includes the following
themes from past Collectors Club packages:

-Body, Mind & Soul (exercise and meditation with oils)

-Linseed (Info on the healing benefits of linseed)

-Omega (Info on using carrier oils to improve health)

-Hibernate (Info on winter themed room spray, lip balm, lotion)

-Inhale...Exhale (Info on respiratory blends and ointments)

-SustainabiliTEA (Info on loose leaf tea, and calming oils)

-How to thicken hair (Recipes for thick hair and lashes)

-Rosehip (Info on using  Rosehip for moisture and stretch marks)

-Summer must-haves (Travel kit for heat, nausea and wounds)

-Detox Challenge (Info on how to ingest oils properly)

-Soothe Combo (Pain relieving info card)

-Winter Survival kit (Info on using oils for respiratory issues and chapped lips)

-Meditation Month (Diffuser recipes for meditation)

-Skin Care (DIY recipes for stretch marks and wrinkles)

-Out of the Woods (Woodsy aromas with deodorant and diffuser recipe)

-Flower Power (Info on DIY foot rub and floral oils)

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