Response to Return To Your Roots Owner

The author of this post has this post closed on her page so we are not able to point out on the post itself all of the inaccuracies she lists about our oils, but we'll be happy to address those here. First she says that our oils "sit" in a warehouse possibly for a long time and that's alarming to her. I'm pretty sure every reputable company in the world that delivers products uses a distribution center to deliver their products, so as do we, but the good news for any customers wondering how long their bottle of oil has been waiting in our distribution center before shipping it to them, all they have to do is go to our product page and download the Certificate of Analysis that shows them exactly which batch that bottle was derived and what the distillation date of it was.  Here's an example of our COA showing this information:

 Secondly, the author of this post says that our bottles say "For External Use Only". This simply is not true. Our bottles say "Very Potent Use With Care" and then we proceed to provide a Uses Guide on how to dilute for ingestion, external use, and aromatically. Here's an example of our Uses Guide:

Third - the author of the post claims that we don't test our oils or provide GC/MS analysis. This simply is not true. After she states this untrue claim she goes on to praise her company doterra for whom she is a reseller and is financially motivated to steer others away from any company that isn't doterra. Here's proof of a GC/MS report that came from a batch of our Frankincense oil:

 Fourth - the author claims that we sell Basil for $28.95 and then proceeds to compare doterra's Basil price at $20. She also claims that we don't recommend Basil for internal use. Both of these statements are not true. We have never sold Basil for $28.95, our price for Basil has always been $6.95 and it has always been listed on our Uses Guide for internal use.

 Fifth - the author indicates that Jade Bloom's oils are not 100% pure because it's "impossible to sell Frankincense for $9 a bottle". She makes the statement that legally we would only need it to be 2% pure. Again, both of these statements are false. First, we sell our bottle of Frankincense for $6.95, not $9, and secondly our Frankincense is 100% pure. It's not 2%, 10%, or even 90% pure. As indicated by the GC/MS test we posted above, it is 100% pure and we have only ever sold 100% pure Frankincense. There is a great reason why we sell it for what we do and why doterra sells theirs for 10 times the price, and that reason has absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality.

 Sixth - the author attacks the name of our company and indicates that we have something to hide because Jade Bloom is a dba of our W8 Distributing. I'm not really sure why the author chose to make this a negative point of discussion in her blog, but we have never tried to hide the fact that our dba is Jade Bloom and our parent name is W8 Distributing, both of these facts have always existed on our About Us page. The author concludes that the name of the company is somehow indicative of our expertise in the oil industry and that we somehow can't competently produce quality oils with the name we chose. 

I hope that clarifies this blog post for you and helps clear up the inaccuracies of the post.