Jade Bloom Cultural Norms

Cultural Norms


-- Speak up if you have questions or concerns.

-- Share your ideas. There are bad ideas, but we respect those that share bad ideas because the bad ideas often lead to better ideas.

-- We provide praise and build each other up as much as possible, and we are open to constructive criticism when there is room for improvement.

-- We promote a work environment of safety & security among our team members and encourage risk taking.

-- Good intentions in risk taking that produce bad results deserve praise for taking the risk, constructive criticism for improvement, and is met without punishment and without fear.

-- We hold team meetings because everyone on the team matters and is expected to contribute their thoughts, ideas, experiences, failures, and successes.

-- We do not have an interrupting norm within our culture.

-- Our company values a culture that knows how to successfully learn and recover from failure over a culture that tries to prevent failure.



-- Positive attitude towards accountability

     - Willingness to help and asking for help

     - Picking specific people to hold you accountable

     - The buddy system

-- Consider each other strengths and weakness when assigning projects to work efficiently

-- Humor

-- Admitting when you’re wrong

-- Healthy confrontation

-- Straight forward and open-mindedness