Our Commitment

Oil Quality Control

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils and investing our profits into promoting awareness about healthy living and natural healing.  We pride ourselves in providing award winning customer service and commitment to each customer's overall satisfaction.  We back up these commitments by making quality control assurance and GC/MS Testing a priority for every batch of oil before it is approved for individual packaging.  Also we let our oils speak for themselves by backing up every bottle with a money back guarantee.  If you're not fully satisfied with any product you purchase from Jade Bloom, then simply return it to us, no questions asked, for a full refund....we'll even pay for your return shipping costs.


Quality Control

 We source only from suppliers whom we know well and have visited/audited and who are known to be reliable and consistent in producing the best in raw materials. 

All our raw material is subject to a thorough quality control inspection. The exact parameters for quality control tests will vary from product to product based on the knowledge and security held on a given product. Routinely these tests include compliance with the following:

  • Organoleptic assessment (odor, appearance, taste etc) as appropriate.
  • Visual evaluation (color, clarity, foreign materials etc)

  • Specific gravity (SG)

  • Optical rotation (OP)

  • Refractive index (RI)

  • Flash Point (FP)

  • Solubility (usually in ethanol) & a full range of product specific tests.


GC/MS Testing

GC/MS testing is the gold standard for determining what your final product actually contains.  Even the most careful processes, with the highest quality of raw materials, the right distilling equipment, and the perfect temperatures, pressure, and distilling times can still yield non-therapeutic grade essential oils. At times the season a specific crop was harvested may produce different oils from 2 seemingly identical crops that undergo the exact same processes.  The only way to truly guarantee that every bottle of oil that leaves our warehouse meets the standard we have set of therapeutic grade or pharmaceutical grade essential oils is for each new batch to undergo a GC/MS test.


Money Back Double Guarantee

We stand behind our products and want our customers to know it.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our therapeutic grade natural essential oils, then simply notify us and we'll issue a pre-paid return label for you to receive a full refund on your order.  If you're not happy we want to know why and work hard to earn your business, your trust, and your referrals.  Click here to learn more about our Double Guarantee.

Warehouse Quality Control