What makes our essential oils better?

When Jade Bloom was founded in 2014, our number one priority was to ensure that every drop of oil that went into one of our bottles, was of the highest and purest quality in the world.  Our obsession to quality hinges on the testing we perform on every batch of distilled oil.  Although our batches go through many different types of testing, the key test that ensures purity is known as GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry).  To our knowledge, Jade Bloom was the first essential oil company to begin publishing our test results for each batch of oil so our customers could be confident about the contents of each bottle coming off our line.  Additionally, we began educating the public about the importance of requesting a copy of the GC-MS test for their oil of choice.  In 2016, we published a video about the importance of GC-MS testing and we actually animated the process to help consumers understand how it works.  You can view that video here:

GC-MS Testing by Jade Bloom (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZtUvSZQHyI)


Jade Bloom's entire staff are essential oil users and we understand what matters most, in addition to trusting that you are using the highest quality oils in the world.  Our attention to these details sets Jade Bloom above the rest with a value proposition that provides our customers with trust, usability, selection, convenience, and price.



Essential oils are extremely complex compounds and even the most well-trained chemist can be duped by fakes and synthetics without GC-MS testing.
The incentive to create a fake essential oil is driven by economic gain.  Selling fake oils can provide savings in excess of 10x to any of the following
participants in the essential oil supply chain: farmers, distillers, resellers, wholesalers, and retailers.  A fake essential oil may smell and look identical
to an authentic essential oil.  A fake essential oil may even provide some apparent short-term health benefit to its user but deliver long-term harm.
A fake essential oil may contain one synthetic constituent masked by dozens of other authentic constituents.  Many essential oil companies selling
fake oils, don't even realize what they have purchased from a reseller is not authentic essential oil.

We don't expect our customers to simply trust Jade Bloom because we ask them to trust us.  We believe trust is founded in action and we work hard to earn our customers' trust every day.  Our brand was founded on this premise in 2014 when we began publishing our GC-MS testing to our product pages for public scrutiny of our oil.  Since then, here are additional action steps we have taken over the years as a demonstration of why our customers can trust us.

1. We built Jade Bloom University and professionally shot over 40 videos to educate users about essential oils.  One of the most common questions we receive regarding JBU from prospective students is, "how much does it cost?"  JBU is a free platform available to anyone that wants to learn.

2. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to the quality of our oil.  We have never expected prospective customers to simply trust that the highest quality essential oil in the world is found at Jade Bloom, so we have made up to 8 free bottles available to JBU graduates.  Click here to learn more...

3. Every bottle that leaves our distribution center has been labeled with a batch number that corresponds to both a GC-MS test and a Certificate of Analysis.  Although we have always published these documents to our product pages, we also have made it very easy to access these documents for any bottle in our customers' possession.  That means if you purchase a bottle of oil from Jade Bloom and never get around for using it for a couple of years and then decide to open it up, the matching test reports for that specific bottle of oil can be instantly accessed by simply typing the batch number into our online tool.  Go ahead and try it now...



When we first started selling our oils, we sourced a euro dropper from China that snaps into the tops of our glass bottles to make one-handed usability
of our bottles possible as opposed to a separate dropper that requires one hand to hold the bottle and your other hand to remove the dropper.  Euro droppers
are an amazing invention, but we quickly discovered that not all euro droppers are created equal.  We paid 1.8 cents for each euro dropper that had an advertised
flow rate of 1.2.  After many frustrating reports from customers about our oils leaking in the mail, we began revisiting our supplier relationship.  Over the course of 6 months,
we literally tested dozens of different materials and construction of euro droppers and today we are happy to report that Jade Bloom offers the absolute best in
the industry with every bottle that leaves our distribution center.  Our new euro droppers come from a manufacturer in Germany with differing flow rates that pair perfectly
with the viscosity of the oil in the bottle.  This was a tough decision for our company because our cost per euro dropper increased from 1.8 cents to 16 cents each, but the
additional investment was definitely worth it.  For our customers, this change dramatically increased the usability of our bottles. 
Our bottles offer the perfect drip rate for every type of oil (0.7, 1.2, and 1.5) and the days of frustrated customers from leaky bottles in the mail has been almost completely eradicated.


Additionally, all Jade Bloom glass bottles have been darkened, with our signature jade color, to industry specifications that protect the integrity of the oil.  All essential oils oxidize with time which can change the chemistry and the effectiveness of the oil, but with proper care, tested materials, and appropriate bottle sizes, essential oils can last for years.  Our glass and euro droppers meet industry standards for providing the best protection of your oils.  Our standard bottle sizes were decided on based on the average customers' use of oils so as to reduce the amount of oxygen available to the oil as the oil is used up.  We encourage our customers to keep their lids on tight and store their bottles in a dark cool place out of direct sunlight.  



With 130 single oils, 65 oil blends, and 40 carrier oils, Jade Bloom offers one of the largest selections in the world.
We love listening to our customers' needs and sourcing new oils as the requests arise.  In addition to our standard size
bottles that allows any customer to quickly build their collection, we also offer all our oils in 60ML and 120ML bottle sizes
that better meet the needs of our wholesale customers, product manufacturers, and heavy oil users.  All bottle sizes include batch numbers labels.



In our fast-paced world, we totally understand how important it is to time-saving life hacks.  Our time is our greatest asset and we love
identifying new ways to give more of it back to our customers.  Using essential oils should be fun, life-changing, and convenient.

Here are a few ways we currently make it more convenient for you to use our oils:

1. Every bottle that leaves our distribution center includes a top cap label so you can identify your oil easily from the top.  As simple as this sounds,
if you've ever tried looking through your oil collection in your case (top view oil), you will immensely appreciate how easy we have made it for you to find what you are looking for.
Every top label matches the color of our bottle side label and we selected the biggest font possible to help you quickly find your oils.

2. In 2018, after crowdsourcing feedback from our customers, our bottle labels went through a dramatic redesign.  The primary purpose of the redesign was to increase
the convenience and readability of our bottles.  Standard essential oil bottle sizes are very small and there is not much real estate to work with, however, our intuitive and
well-thought through design makes it extremely easy to read the supplemental facts, identify the scientific plant name, and even access some basic usage instructions.

3. We have always provided safe usage and dilution recommendations for our oils.  The number one customer service questions we get are about oil usage and we quickly
realized that this was an educational area lacking in our industry.  All the information our customers look for is available in a book or on a website somewhere but knowing
where to go or how to quickly find that information was always a challenge.  As such, we designed an intuitive Uses Guide app that provides an all-in-one solution for any
essential oil question.  It's called "The Official Oil Guide" and we have a web version, iPhone version, and Android version that we continually update as needed.



Our last value proposition needs no introduction.  If you have already heard about Jade Bloom then it's most likely because of either our amazing quality oils
or our rock-bottom prices.  We exist to change the way people think about health and we understand that the success of this mission is fueled by our ability to get as
many bottles of essential oil at the lowest prices possible in the hands of our customers.  Jade Bloom's frequent sales, weekly freebies, regular giveaways, and
loyalty point program are often combined by our most value-conscious customers that care both about their health and their pocketbooks.  We believe a healthy lifestyle
shouldn't just be afforded to only the wealthy and we hope that our efforts to "run a tight ship" in order to keep our product prices low, has in some small way blessed the
lives of those that might not otherwise be able to afford a daily regimen that includes essential oils.