A Note From Jade Bloom On This Mother's Day

A message from Jade Bloom:

Dear Mothers & Women of Influence…

This will be one of many posts you will see directed entirely at you this weekend. Most businesses will likely try to sell you or your loved ones something, which is customary- & we've been there- but this year we want to take a different approach and simply acknowledge you.

We know motherhood comes in many forms. Whether you have your own children, adopted or fostered a child, or have had a hand in nurturing & guiding someone through life... you are an integral and fiercely important figure in our society.

While it is difficult to say, many of us have either lost our mothers, become estranged to them, never known them at all, or desperately want to be one… This can mean that Mother's Day, for millions of people, carries a 2 ton weight right along with it.

We want you to know we love you, care about you and see you. Your strength and character is something that this world so desperately needs and wouldn't be the same without.

This holiday is not just about mothers, but all women who have helped shaped us to be the people we are today.

Mother's Day is all about you.