Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions


Q : I know a customer of mine has ordered. Why don’t I see their order in my Commission history/their information in my Lifetime Customer list?
A : There are a few different factors that could contribute to an affiliate not getting credit for a purchase.
One affiliate reporting that they feel their link isn't working properly is not an indicator that links are not working properly.
Here are some circumstances in which a customer will not link to you properly:
If a customer clicks your link and navigates away from the page
If a customer clicks your link, but does not have cookies enabled
If a customer clicks your link, but is already attached to another affiliate
If you as the affiliate are sharing a link that is not properly formatted
Q : Can Affiliates get commissions on their own orders?
A : No, they cannot.
Q : What are the requirements to be an Affiliate of Jade Bloom?
A : The only requirement is that the affiliate is able to promote our products in an informed way. This means that 1 order needs to have been placed and received by the Affiliate. That’s it!
Q : Why are some of my commissions in my commission history “Pending”?
A : A status of “Pending” on a commission in your history typically means that the order has not been finalized by the customer yet. An order on which Check/Money Order is the chosen payment method stays as pending until the check/money order is received here at our facility and the order is then processed and shipped. That is when it’s status changes to “Complete”. Any commissions in your back office that have a status of “Pending” that you’d like more information on, please contact our support team and let them know which Transaction ID you’re concerned about and they will immediately look into it for you.
Q : How does Jade Bloom’s Affiliate Program differ from a Multi Level Marketing business model?
A : Our Affiliate Program is a way for us to compensate our customers who regularly refer others to Jade Bloom and who want to be a part of the Jade Bloom mission to change the way that people think about health. It differs from a MLM business model in that it is a 1 tiered commission system. This means that if you refer someone, you get commission on their orders. You do not get commissions on the orders placed by the people that your referral refers. You do not have a downline. The commission rate available to you is not dependent upon how many people you refer. Your commission rate is consistent and issued on only the orders of the person you’ve referred, not on the orders placed by other people that your referral has recruited.