What a year it has been over here at Jade Bloom!
We are still a small company but lots of big things happened this year. 
How can we thank you enough for supporting us and helping us get this far?
We want you to know the incredible impact that your orders have had on all of us real-life humans over here. 

Here are some highlights from 2018:
-We had our 4 year company birthday
-Our Draper, Utah store has now been open for an entire year
-Nutritional products were introduced to the JB line up (Teas, Linseed powder, Flavor Crystals)
-Provided community yoga for free each week for a year


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What customers are saying about this exotic oil:

"Love using this for pain and emotional support and even in my conditioner!" - Charity

"Pleasantly surprised, as a slightly different citrus smell that regular mandarin…deeper,
somehow different but familiar. Nice addition to the collection!" - Dana

"I really like this product. It smells so fresh and clean. I made some candles with it." - Bonnie

"Smells amazing. I have been using it in my citrus blend and my lava stone bracelet for a quick pick me up." - Jenn

"This oil is the best thing in the world if you are dealing with any children who have ADHD.
Diffuse this!!! It really helps calm hyperactive kids. They also love the smell. As do I!" - Alex


"I have never used a shampoo like Jade Bloom's Peppermint & Rosemary shampoo.
It is a real eye-opener for morning showers. Nice and pleasant scent. My husband was using an over
the counter dandruff shampoo and I suggested he use JB's Peppermint shampoo.
He really likes it and it seems to have helped with his dandruff, too. " -Carrie

"oh em gee. My hair is SOOOO shiny I feel like I need sunglasses when I look in the mirror!! It looks so
beautiful. Anyway, I'm in love with this shampoo. It feels so good when I put it on my hair.
My scalp and the entire bathroom is enveloped in peppermint!" -Nancy

"I love this shampoo! It is invigorating and smells wonderful. I've even had to order more because I catch my husband constantly using it. since starting to use this I have not had to use conditioner but once a month I use the Jade Bloom conditioner as a deep treatment. Will never go back to what I was using before"


"The smell of this oil reminds me a lot of Jasmine! Very floral yet deep and earthy as well." -Krista

"The scent is very subtle but is exquisite. It is also very nice for the skin; softens and adds a glow (probably due to its deep color saturation).
I made a perfume blend with it that reminds me of that old perfume called "White Shoulders" -Jackie

"I always liked the flower, now it's in a bottle" -Lisa