Meet Jade Bloom Team Member Porter Webster -- July 7, 2016

This week we want you to meet team member Porter Webster.  We love having Porter on the Jade Bloom fulfillment team.  His contagious laugh, witty comments, and passion for life makes each new day at our office a joyous surprise.  You may have received a package personally signed by Porter.   We love Porter and Porter most definitely loves you....


What is your favorite Jade Bloom product, and why?

My Favorite Jade Bloom product is the Allerg-Ease blend! I have really bad allergies, and most pills/medication I took to try and help with my allergies did not help me long, and I became immune to a lot of different allergy pill/medication brands. When Jade Bloom came out with Allerg-Ease, I tried it out immediately! It lasted me the whole day! I now use Allerg-Ease to help all my allergy problems, and recommend it to all my family and friends as well!

What do you do in your spare time? What do you wish you could do in your spare time?

I usually spend a lot of my spare time reading books, watching shows, or playing video games. But one thing I have been working on a bit in my spare time has been practicing computer art and graphic design.  My goal is to be a Graphic designer/program coder and perhaps apply for a new job position with Jade Bloom.

Tell us your best joke.

My jokes are usually me stating something obvious in a really funny way, or just saying something really random to catch others off guard and make them laugh.

Complete this sentence: “There are two types of people in this world; there are people who___ and there are people who___.”

There are two types of people in this world; there are people who only see what is in front of them, and there are people who see beyond what our eyes comprehend.

Why are natural products important to you?

I actually rarely used natural products before I started working at Jade Bloom, but after learning so much by working here, I now use them regularly. I like diffusing Vetiver oil whenever I need to focus, or using Jade Bloom’s Citrus blend or Rose Oil to help me relax. I’ve discovered how I personally benefit from daily use of natural products.

If you could brunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would be on the menu?

I would like to have a brunch with one of my favorite japanese manga authors, Eiichiro Oda, since we both have a giant and exciting imagination when it comes to telling stories. I think we would have very entertaining conversations, assuming I knew how to speak Japanese. And of course the menu would have to be Japanese foods.  I especially love Ramen and Sushi especially!!  

Favorite quote from your favorite movie. GO!

“Your horse, just bit me in the butt!!” -Road to Eldorado

Jade Bloom’s mission is to deliver Health, Healing, and Happiness to as many people as possible. What is YOUR mission statement?

My mission is to get people to smile big and bring happiness to others. Having knowledge about essential oils and other natural products has definitely helped me with that mission! 

What is something you’re exceptional at? What is something you’re dreadful at?

I guess I would say I am exceptional when it comes to strategy or just simply coming up with fun ideas to improve things. I am dreadful when it comes to being in front of a large amount of people who are just staring in silence. 

My spirit animal is___

Probably either a lizard or a bird because I like to view life from a different angle or perspective.