DIFFUSER: Car Diffuser and Humidifier Combo (4 Colors)

DIFFUSER: Car Diffuser and Humidifier Combo (4 Colors)

EMPTY - Clear Glass Bottle with Silver Cap

EMPTY - Clear Glass Bottle with Silver Cap

EMPTY - Frosted Glass Jar with Silver Cap

EMPTY - Frosted Glass Jar with Silver Cap

DIFFUSER: Car Diffuser and Humidifier Combo (4 Colors)

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    Car Diffuser & Humidifier Combo

      • RELAXATION & RELIEF! Get your own mini car diffuser to provide you immediate relief while driving!  This Car Diffuser works both as an air humidifier and aroma diffuser.
      • EASY AND USER-FRIENDLY! No more challenging technology with this purchase. Built to last and to be easy to operate. Fill your  Diffuser up with water (add few drops essential oils is optional) then plug into your DC jack swivel your unit the direction you want to spray, push the power button and VOILA. Mist! If with Essential Oils. VOILA. Aroma!
      • AROMATHERAPY WHILE YOU DRIVE! Relaxing aromatherapy experiences from this device using your favorite essential oil fragrances! Refresh and moisturize the quality of the air you breathe while going from point A to point B. 
      • Car Aroma Diffusers & Cool Mist Car Humidifiers All In One! Freshen & Revitalize Your Driving Experience With Essential Oils & A Mini Portable Travel 12V DC Diffuser - Available in 4 Different Colors
      • MELT AWAY STRESS, RELAX, and REJUVENATE with the most advanced and effective method of diffusing tap water with a few drops of your choice of essential or fragrant oil. This diffuser gives off a cool mist, adding moisture to the air. It eliminates dryness and helps with dry chapped skin, lips, sinuses, and coughs. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to give your car a fresh, clean scent, or tap into the healing powers of inhaling diffused essential oils.

    You will love this Diffuser & Humidifier Combo for your car!

    Volume: 50 ml.

    Dimensions: 6½" tall x 2" diameter.


    • Humidifying-only option.
    • Cold-mist, ultrasonic diffusion with humidification.
    • 180 degree rotating head.
    • Auto power-off feature after 2 hours of use.
    • Silent operation.


    1. Rotate the humidifier head 90 degrees.
    2. With the white cap up, loosen and remove the clear water tank by turning it clockwise. Fill the tank with water (preferably purified), and add 23 drops of essential oil. Replace the tank and secure it by turning counterclockwise.
    3. Adjust the head as needed to plug the humidifier into the cigarette lighter socket. When the indicator light is red, the humidifier is off, but on standby. If there is no indicator light, the unit is not connected to the power source.
    4. Touch the button once: the blue indicator light signals humidification mode.
    5. Touch the button again: the purple indicator light signals ultrasonic diffusion mode.
    6. Touch the button a third time: the red indicator light signals that the unit is off.
    7. To clean, dip a cotton swab in alcohol and gently wipe the silver-colored atomizing plate in the center of the cap.

    Note: There is a small spring that rests at the bottom of the wick case. This spring pushes the wick into the device and is essential to the diffusion. When removing the wick to add oils or exchange it, be sure the replace the spring.


    • The humidifier has an automatic shut-off function. After running for 2 hours, the unit will automatically turn off, as signaled by the red indicator light. To restart, add more water to the unit and turn it back on. Purified water is recommended.
    • Replace the sponge pad when the mist becomes noticeably diminished. With the internal sponge casement pointing down, pull downward on the plastic housing to remove it, taking care to not lose the internal spring. Replace the sponge, and reconnect the housing with the spring inside.
    • To avoid damage, do not use excessive pressure when cleaning the atomizing plate.