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Turmeric Essential Oil - 10ml (Therapeutic Grade)

Visit Jade Bloom University to learn how we distill the highest grade, organic, wild crafted from the best indigenous environments from around the world, 100% pure essential oils.  Access our Uses Guide to learn how to safely dilute your essential oils.

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$24.95 $6.95
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100% Pure Turmeric Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade)

Scientific name: Curcuma longa

Oil origin: Root

Extraction: Steam distillation

Aroma: Fresh, Woody, Spicy

Odor strength: Medium

Evaporation: Medium note


Turmeric is one of the most nutrient dense spices in the world. Our turmeric oil is the finest quality with a fresh and characteristic turmeric scent.

Turmeric has been known for thousands for years for its amazing health promoting properties. There are various ways one can use turmeric, using turmeric essential oil (obtained from turmeric root) is one of them. Extraction pulls out all oil friendly compounds from turmeric root. Turmeric essential oil then can be used in various ways to provide benefits against inflammation, muscle pains, etc.

Turmeric oil is very powerful and packed with rare compounds as it is extracted from such a powerful healer herb. When analyzed turmeric oil may show the presence of 400-500 different kinds of molecules. What is even more amazing is that many of these molecules have receptor sites in our neuroendocrine systems too.

Anti-inflammatory: Some turmeric oils are 60-65% alpha-curcumene (a Sesquiterpene hydrocarbon). This is also the main constituent in turmeric root which gives turmeric its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric oil has been used with other essential oil such as Frankincense, Plai, etc. for preparing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving formulas.

Arthritis and joint problems: Turmeric oil has been found useful for arthritis and joint care. It also helps in muscle pain.

Industrial usage: Turmeric oil is used as spice in food industry. It is also used in pharma industry where it is used in making anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, antiseptic (and more) drugs / ointments.

Digestion related: Zingeriberene and 6-gingerol are main compounds present in turmeric oil which help in bringing digestive system in order and also stops formation of gas in gastrointestinal tract.

Benefits to liver: Ar-turmerone, a compound present in turmeric oil is known to support liver and keep it healthy.

Skin and hair: turmeric oil is also known to help in preventing hair loss, especially male pattern baldness. This action is also attributed to its anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric oil is also used in many skin care formulas to make skin look younger.

Other health promoting properties of turmeric oil: As with turmeric, turmeric oil is also anti-allergic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral and antiworm. It is also considered to be good antivenom.


Turmeric essential oil is a quintessential addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.




The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.

Safety precautions: Extremely potent use with care.  Consult a professional reference for correct dilution ratios prior to application.

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation. Keep away from eye area. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Works Great!


I mix this with peppermint oil into a carrier oil for joint pain. It works great!

Review by Tomomi, Posted on 8/11/2017



Works great in my pain blend for my RA. Rub a bit on the knees and hands, it really seems to help!

Review by Kathleen, Posted on 8/10/2017

Love it


Best tumeric I've had, glad that Jade Bloom has it. Will be a life long customer.

Review by Denise, Posted on 8/7/2017

Back pain


Ive been suffering tremendous back pain and this turmeric has worked wonders on my inflamation.

Review by Steph, Posted on 8/7/2017

A wonder oil!


My husband and I both really love this oil (even though we're not really in love with the smell). My husband uses this in combination with Digest on his stomach before he goes to bed, and it greatly decreases his stomach pain he usually gets every night. I love using this oil in my nightly skin care regime. It really has a lot of benefits!

Review by Molly, Posted on 7/28/2017



I use Tumeric for my business, in lots of my products. It's great!!!

Review by Tan, Posted on 7/24/2017



Haven't used yet... will update when i do... excited to read up on it and see how to use first!

Review by Jessica, Posted on 7/21/2017

Great for pain


Purchased this for my dad who was having some arthritis pain. He applies with a carrier oil and has noticed a difference! The scent is strong but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Review by Kimberly, Posted on 7/19/2017

I Love JadeBloom oils.


I use turmeric for pain.

Review by Donna, Posted on 7/17/2017

Works Great!


I have back pain and I use this along with peppermint right on my back and it works amazingly!

Review by Rebecca, Posted on 7/17/2017

great stuff!


has a strong scent, works well for pain relief blends I make.

Review by Dena, Posted on 7/16/2017



I use this oil in my diffuser and topically. Tumeric is a must have, it relieves pain almost instantly!

Review by Stacy, Posted on 7/15/2017

helps my sore knees!


This isn't one of my favorite smelling oils, but it is by far my most used oil!! LOVE it's anti inflammation properties! I put a few drops on each knee, followed by a few drops of peppermint or wintergreen (for the numbing effect), then rub it in with lotion or beeswax.

Review by Danny, Posted on 7/8/2017

Pain relief


Really good for pain relief and would go well in a balm or rub.

Review by Mary, Posted on 7/7/2017

Good stuff!


I use this for lots of things. But the main one was for my dog along w frankincense. She has a tumor on her and with her age surgery is a risk. I read the benefits of this mix. I must say I was truly amazed and still am when I think of it. You now can't tell she had anything at all there!

Review by Maloree , Posted on 7/6/2017

Great scent!


I use this in my arthritic blend to receive swollen joints. Also great in a gel cap.

Review by Kimberly, Posted on 7/6/2017



I haven't tried the Turmeric oil yet but, the smell I wonderful. Will update at a later time.

Review by Diana, Posted on 6/14/2017

Helps With Pain


I have used this product. I'm not sure if you are supposed to put it directly on the skin, but I use it on my knees and it takes the pain away almost instantly.

Review by Katie, Posted on 6/14/2017

Rated 5


I'm very pleased with the essential oils that I have purchased sofar.The free bottle purchases that I have bought are what I've been taking advantage of.

Review by tom, Posted on 6/13/2017

Love it


The tumeric is wonderful. Works amazing

Review by Angela, Posted on 6/12/2017

Great stuff


Awesome results with arthritic hands

Review by Tina, Posted on 6/12/2017



My boyfriend uses this for his arthritis. Another great Jade Bloom oil.

Review by Teresa, Posted on 6/12/2017

Top quality


I take this internally and rub it into aching joints. Works like magic.

Review by Faye, Posted on 6/12/2017

turmeric oil--antinflamitory


The best all around oil to have on hand all the time.This is
one oil that helped my husband when he got Large B cell Lymphoma it did wonders to and he did not have to have surgery. the lymphoma was destroyed by using this oil.I will never be without Turmeric oil from now on.

Review by ann, Posted on 6/8/2017

Great for Knee Pain!


After reading about the benefits of turmeric during a recent Jade Bloom promotion, I decided to give it a try with my husband. We have tried countless pills and creams for his arthritic knees, so we were hopeful yet somewhat skeptical. A few minutes after applying the turmeric oil to his knee, I was amazed to find him doing strange stretches and lunges around the house. He was in disbelief. He had not been able to move this knee like that in YEARS! I can't express how happy it makes me to see him feeling so much better. THANK YOU for this wonderful product!!!

Review by Kelly, Posted on 5/31/2017

Pain relief


So much easier to take than the root! I use tumeric regularly for pain relief...

Review by Karri, Posted on 5/5/2017

Live it!


Love it!

Review by Kelly Bright, Posted on 5/2/2017



Only can say one thing about this oil... AMAZING!!

Review by Stephanie, Posted on 4/26/2017

A must have


I ordered the Tumeric Oil almost two months ago along with Soothe, I am very pleased with both, I use it on my knee when it starts acting up and have used it on my shoulders as well. It is DEFINITELY an oil that I will make sure I keep in my collection !

Review by Jessica, Posted on 3/22/2017

I will always use Turmeric


I use a lot of Turmeric spice, and I will use a lot of the Turmeric oil. Relieving sore muscles and joints is just one of many remedies this oil has. I was so happy when I saw that Jade Bloom was starting to carry the oil, I ordered it right away. I love your oils and Love that I can afford them. Thank You Jade Bloom for your oils.

Review by Jeanette, Posted on 2/12/2017

Great for pain or digestive problems.


I use a drop of turmeric oil on my oregano tea. It helps, almost instantly, with any pain, inflammation or digestive problems I may be encountering.

Review by Nancy, Posted on 1/30/2017



I use dried tumeric seasoning a lot in my "ethnic" cooking but couldn't determine it's value aside from its strong coloring capacity and slightly subtle earthy scent and flavoring. This essential oil finally delivers the scent of tumeric. I feel like I now get tumeric. However, the most beneficial use of the oil is it's anti-inflammatory benefits and other health pluses. Beware! Adding a lot of tumeric to a pain blend will have you walking around smelling like food. It is difficult to camouflage too.

Review by Jacquelyn, Posted on 1/7/2017

A must have oil!


I use this in my pain blend and it helps my sore muscles. I use it in my tooth paste to help with sore gums.

Review by Robert, Posted on 11/23/2016



I never thought there would be Turmeric essential oil but there is. I'm gathering Turmeric in all forms to have it ready to use. Extremely interested in this oil and will definitely purchase this again.

Review by Elizabeth, Posted on 11/18/2016

Love it


Love this. Quality product

Review by Lori, Posted on 11/14/2016

Love it


It really works very potent .

Review by Alicia, Posted on 11/5/2016

Just Received


I purchase this oil for my husband because this is one of the oil that is supposed to help relieve pain in the joints / arthritis pain.
And I understand that it is also Heathly that I can use 1 drop in a teaspoon of honey.

Review by Deborah, Posted on 10/2/2016

I add this to my water love it!


I love this tumeric I add it to my water several times a day. Not only is it excellent for the immune system but also excellent for the digestive system and that's just a tiny bit of the power of tumeric. Just a few drops in your water can do wonders for your health. I also add a few drops to castor oil to heal dog cycts open wounds or not. Until it's healed. Witha pack of 8 helaing them with essential oils is very mportant to me 8 dogs is not a cheap vet visit. Nor is a Dr. for me so this is a vital part of my entire families health regime, I am never am out of it.

Review by Carisa, Posted on 6/7/2016



Anti-inflammatory inside and out! I put in my smoothies and feel instant relief of my symptoms from Lyme

Review by Linda , Posted on 5/15/2016


This was the oil that got interested in Jade Bloom! I had not been aware of Turmeric oil, but I was wanting to make a massage blend to help my husband's pain from arthritis. I ended up blending Turmeric, Rosemary Morocco, and rare German Chamomile with Castor oil and applying to his joints and it had a very soothing effect. I am so pleased with the quality of oils from Jade Bloom. I had only been exposed to the big name oil companies and thought that oils had to be expensive to be quality. I am here to tell you THAT IS NOT TRUE! I am so excited to have found Jade Bloom!

Review by Cassie, Posted on 3/7/2016

Turmeric Blend

I have been using Jade Bloom oils since October 2015.
I started out using Young Living Oils and I was convinced there were no oils out there as good as theirs, but then My best friend Sharon introduced me to Jade Bloom and since I ordered my first bottle I have never looked back. Jade Bloom oils are just as good as the others and at a much lower price. I have compared oils side by side and alternated use and Jade has stood up to the test every single time. These oils have helped me. I use them every day.
- This oil I'm writing about is Turmeric. Recently I took a bad fall to my bac. Had a brain concussion - compressed spine/ swelling from my hip all the way down to my right knee
I just found these several oils on here and made a nice blend it really helps my body and it's soothing too
My blend consists of :
Soothe oil and Turmeric oil - copaiba oil mixed together
It's stinky but it does the body good - relieves
Pressures - swelling- very cooling and soothing

Review by SHERRI, Posted on 2/18/2016


I have been using Jade Bloom oils since just a couple of months after they got the company started and I have to say I could not be more pleased with the quality of these oils. I started out using Young Living Oils and I was convinced there were no oils out there as good as theirs, but then I discovered Jade Bloom and since I ordered my first bottle I have never looked back. Sure, there are a few oils that Jade doesn't have yet that I still order from them, but Jade Blooms are just as good as the others and at a much lower price. I have compared oils side by side and alternated use and Jade has stood up to the test every single time. These oils have literally changed my life. I use them every day. Also, the customer service at Jade is simply the best customer service I have ever had with any company. They are very prompt to answer all phone calls and emails. I haven't had many issues, mostly some leaky bottles, but the few that I have had were immediately addressed and replaced and/or compensated. I am a loyal customer for life and look forward to discovering more oils to come ! Give Jade a try ! You will be glad you did !

Review by Karen, Posted on 12/14/2015


This is helpful for my RA joints, especially in my feet...has a sort of 'smokey' scent that I really like!

Review by Dawn, Posted on 12/6/2015


What is this NOT good for? Absolutely the most complete oil of all

Review by Sara, Posted on 8/25/2015


A friend of mine uses this on her leg and hip and it works great.

Review by Dale, Posted on 7/19/2015


I used this oil for the past two nights and it is already helping to relieve the pain from the sciatic pain in my leg and hip. Thank you Jade Bloom !

Review by Karen, Posted on 7/10/2015
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