Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions about our high quality 100% pure essential oils.  Please feel free to browse this section and if your question still isn't answered, please contact us and allow us to help you get your questions answered.


Can I ingest your oils?

Short Answer: Yes, if you follow safe dilution practices

Long Answer: Yes you can ingest Jade Bloom Oils, but as they are 100% pure they can be very potent.  Please reference our The Official Oil Guide for safe dilution recommendations based on the oil and whether you're an Adult, a Pregnant Woman, or a Child.


Why do you your labels say "for external use" if it's safe to ingest your oils?

Short Answer: Many people ingest high-quality oils and you won't find a higher quality oil than the oils that Jade Bloom distills.  The external use is a legal liability warning as 100% pure oils are very potent and can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Long Answer: The "external use only" is a liability caution since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, nor have they done long-term studies on the internal use of pure essential oils. Some aromatherapists would say never internally take an essential oil as they're too potent no matter how high of quality. Many Jade Bloom customers consume our oils daily and only see the health/healing benefits as they do so. It's really a personal decision, and if you are cleared to consume a high-quality essential oil then we want to encourage our customers to do so as you won't find a purer or higher quality oil. However, because they are 100% pure they can be potent and we have created The Official Oil Guide for people to reference.

Updated Answer 4/2/15: We have changed the "external use only" liability caution to read "very potent use with care."  Some of our old inventory may still have the original liability caution, but all new labels and the labels currently displayed on our website carry the new disclaimer.


Why do you say it's safe to ingest when so many people say to never ingest essential oils?

Short Answer: People have been safely ingesting 100% pure essential oils for decades, and when following safe practices of never using more than a few drops diluted in water, juice, coffee, etc. then there are additional health benefits that can be derived from ingesting 100% pure essential oils.

Long Answer: This is a very valid concern that deserves an accurate and full response in our FAQ section. Anybody that will take the time to research safe essential oil practices will see a fair amount of controversy surrounding ingesting essential oils. 100% pure essential oils are very potent and can be dangerous and even deadly in large quantities if ingested. Some people may have adverse reactions externally or internally to some essential oils and not to others while another person may not have any adverse reaction to any essential oil when used properly. Because we only produce 100% pure undiluted essential oils we always suggest very small amounts no matter how you choose to personally use them (no more than a few drops). We believe ingesting essential oils is a personal decision, and if you're cleared to do so, you can safely do so with proper practices. Our entire staff ingests our oils, in small quantities and with dilution. We are aware that most of our customers ingest our oils in small quantities. We have created a Uses Guide that shows which oils are safe to ingest in small quantities and which ones should never be ingested. If you choose to ingest, we recommend that you dilute your small quantity (a few drops) in a glass of water, juice, coffee, etc. People have been doing this for decades with high quality 100% pure essential oils with no adverse effects and only positive health effects to show from it. Individuals know their bodies and how this has personally been healing them and providing a healthier lifestyle. To date, there isn't a long-term study involving many candidates for companies or people to look to for claims for or against this practice. That's why we say it's a personal decision and provide safe practices for doing so if you choose that ingesting is for you. Have people ingested oils and been harmed by not following safe practices? Yes. Have people ingested oils and follow safe practices, but have adverse reactions to them? Yes. Have people used oils externally following safe practices and had adverse reactions to them? Yes. The same way you listen to your body with any new shampoo, hairspray, or lotion that you put on your body that might cause a rash or irritation, so you should with essential oils that you use externally. The same way you listen to your body with any new food or drink you ingest that causes an upset stomach, gas, or irritation so you should with essential oils that you choose to ingest. So personally decide how you would like to explore the healing benefits of essential oils for yourself, follow safe practices, and then listen to your body.


What kind of tests do you do to ensure your oils are 100% pure?

Short Answer: We perform GC/MS testing on every batch of oil before it is bottled to ensure it is 100% pure unadulterated oil.

Long Answer: As part of our commitment to our customers, we take ownership over the entire process of producing 100% pure natural essential oils.  Once we have a final batch of oil each batch is tested using the best standards in GC/MS testing to ensure what we have actually produced is 100% pure unadulterated oil.  If the batch doesn't meet the standard then we dispose of the batch and start again.  If we meet the standard for producing the highest quality oil possible based on our tests, then we will proceed with bottling.  We publish these test results to our online product pages so our customers can see exactly what they are getting with every bottle and from which batch it was derived.


Do you own your farms or do you purchase the raw materials from 3rd party farms?

Short Answer: We purchase all of our raw plants and seeds from indigenous locations known for producing the highest therapeutic properties.  We don't own the farms, but we only purchase from those farms that we personally visit and audit on a regular basis.

Long Answer: We source our raw plants and seeds from about 30 different farms around the world known for producing the highest quality raw materials for the particular oil we produce.  For example, our Lavender comes from the Kashmir region in the Himalayan Mountains known for producing the sweetest smelling and highest therapeutic Lavender in the world.  For this same reason our Bergamot comes from Italy, our Clary Sage from Russia, and our Tea Tree from Australia.  Each of our product pages describes the location of where we source the raw materials and why.  We only source our raw plants and seeds from those farms that we personally visit and audit on a regular basis to ensure we receive pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO materials.


How do you extract the oils from the raw materials?

Short Answer: We use steam distillation for our non-citrus oils.  Our citrus oils are cold pressed.

Long Answer: Visit Jade Bloom University to learn more about these processes.


Do you do all of the distill your own oils?

Short Answer: Yes and no.  About 60% of all the oils we sell are distilled in our main distillery in New Delhi.

Long Answer: Our commitment first and foremost is to produce the highest quality oils available on the market; secondary to that is providing the oils at the lowest possible price.  In some cases, it is not cost effective to transport the raw plants and seeds to a different country to be distilled or the raw plants would be compromised during transport.  In these cases, we work closely with a couple of reputable distilleries within the country we are sourcing the materials that allow us to have the same input and control over the distillation process just as we do with our own distillery.  This allows us to ensure that the distillation process is done correctly for each batch of oil, and also keep our costs down from unnecessary shipping expenses of our materials.


Do you offer blends?

Short Answer: Yes we do.  Go to this page to see a complete list of all the blends we offer.

Long Answer: We have many blends that are comparable to favorites from other companies that our customers have requested as well as several proprietary blends that we are currently formulating.  In 2015 you will see new ones added every month as well as many new single oils we are currently sourcing and distilling. 


Do your oils have expiration dates?

Short Answer: No 

Long Answer: High-quality essential oils when stored in the right conditions (cool dark rooms in dark colored bottles) can last a long time before they begin to break down.  We don't post expiration dates on our bottles, but we do provide a best-used date within 2 years based off of our GC/MS reports.  As each new fresh batch of oil comes off our distillery we update our certificates with the new batch number and best used dates.


Is this a membership program or an MLM company?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Our company is not a multi-level marketing company nor do we require a membership to purchase our oils.  We sell direct to our customers via our website and there are no requirements on the number of oils our customers must buy.  We believe our oils speak for themselves and the reason our customers return and tell their friends is not because of volume requirements, making money, or maintaining a membership, but because we are simply a source for the highest quality oils available on the market for the lowest prices.  Oh yeah, and because our customer service ROCKS!!!


What is the loyalty point program and does it cost me extra to sign up?

Short Answer: Simply create a free account for our system to remember your shipping address and you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty point program that rewards you every time you shop, refer a friend, write a review, or even subscribe to our newsletter.

Long Answer: Visit our Loyalty Point Program page to learn more.


What is your wholesale program and how is that different than what an MLM company does?

Short Answer: Our wholesale program is designed for local established business such as spas, soap makers, health stores, etc. that are able to purchase large bulk orders for the purpose of reselling the Jade Bloom brand at their shops or for use in making their products.  Unlike an MLM company that are required to mark up their products to support a multi-pay system across a downline of sometimes 40 different people, our wholesale program has one simple discount for a business to make the majority of the profit we make by selling direct to their customers.

Long Answer: Visit our Wholesale Program page to learn more.



Hopefully we've covered your question on this page, if not, simply send us an email and let us answer it for you.  We absolutely LOVE hearing from our customers and we want to help you.  Just visit our Contact Us page and submit your question; we promise to get back to you quickly.